Sitges, the most famous LGTBIQ+ destination in Europe

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  • Sitges, the most famous LGTBIQ+ destination in Europe

Located on the Mediterranean coast, south of Barcelona, ​​Sitges is and has been one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe for decades, and its fame remains intact today.

There are many reasons why Sitges is a destination of excellence for many. It has incredible beaches, with a unique microclimate that gives it more than 300 days of sunshine a year, excellent restaurants, parties and nightlife. In addition, it is the best place in Spain for LGTBIQ tourists.

Compared to the «St Tropez» of Spain, there are more than 23 gay bars and clubs, as well as several gay and gay friendly restaurants, where you will find a good mix of ages, nationalities, preferences and styles.

Nowadays, the economy of Sitges is based mainly on tourism, preserving its special atmosphere of a charming little town, quiet on weekdays and lively on weekends. The key is events like the Sitges Carnival, Pride, Sitges Bears Week and the Fireworks Festival.

The Sitges Carnival is not specifically a gay event, but as the city is such a major gay destination, the local gay residents organize a specific Carnival a few days before the official start of the Carnival. Carnival is a good excuse to escape the winter cold and enjoy a few days full of fun and celebration on the Catalan coast.

Gay Pride in Sitges is, of course, the best reason to go to Sitges in June. This event attracts more than 50,000 people. In addition to the classic pride parade, open-air concerts and parties are also organized in most of the pubs and clubs in the area.

Going shopping in the small shops of Sitges is also one of the favorite activities in this town. There are many gay friendly stores, such as TOPGAY, the brand born for the younger and exclusive gay generation.

The beaches of Sitges also characterize the city, they are the main attraction of the day during the summer. In total there are 17 beaches, some very crowded in high season and others where you will always find space. Although they are all gay friendly, Bassa Rodona Beach is the quintessential gay beach, along with Playa De las Balmins and Playa Del Muerto, which are the nudist beaches a little further south of the city center. In the latter, in fact, we can find the first gay beach bar in summer. Since the 1930s it has been called the Gay Zone or the Gay Paradise, and it is considered by its users to be the first gay nudist space in the world with these characteristics, a quiet, private place out of sight.

Sitges is the perfect option to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a coastal city, but with a very active nightlife. The night begins in the Plaza Indústria, full of outdoor terraces with all the tables pointing towards the center of the square, perfect for seeing the panorama and having a cocktail. The epicenter of LGTBI activity in Sitges is in the Parrots Bar on the ‘Calle del Pecado’, in the Horno, a pioneer of the Sitges atmosphere, XXL Sitges, an emblematic venue of the Sitges nightlife, among others.

It also has venues that offer cabaret-style shows, such as ZAK Rendez Vouz and Queenz Sitges, which is the leading gay-friendly venue in Sitges. Throughout the year and according to programming they present us with many performances and parties. It also has a dinner show under the name of Queenz Dinner Show, a surprising way to go out. A night full of unique moments in the center of Sitges.