What to do, see and eat during the Festa Major de Sitges.

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Festa Major

If you are lucky enough to visit Sitges in August you will coincide with its star event: the Festa Major. This celebration transforms the coastal town into a stage for concerts, dances, popular festivities and colorful fireworks, and even has been declare a National interest festival in Catalonia!

This is a celebration with a lot of history. The first Festa Major de Sitges, in honor of its patron saint Sant Bartomeu, helded more than 150 years ago, in 1866. In fact, the programme of that time is still preserved and it is surprising to see that the essence of the original Festa Major is still intact: gegants, balls de bastons, castellers and correfocs...

Would you like to join the party? Whether you are looking for activities for the whole family or for a good midnight concert, Dolce Sitges can advise you. We’ve gone out to document ourselves in order to compile the best activities to do, see and eat during the Festa Major de Sitges – keep reading to find out everything!


What to see in the streets of Sitges.

Walking through the streets of Sitges is similar to time travel. Its beautiful modernist buildings adorn festivals that, in addition to traditional activities, offer the visitor a cultural bonus in their journey. The options for the visitor range from dances to traditional activities or fireworks, and the agenda is very, very tight. Luckily, we have selected the highlights of the celebration, and you will find the detailed timetables on the Visit Sitges website.

Popular dances on the streets of Sitges.

These traditional dances are an essential classic of the Festa Major. They include giant dances, bigheads, tambourines, ribbon and stick dances, In addition to these popular passacaglia they also exhibit some bestiary beings such as the dragon or the giant eagle and a popular tradition with the devils sparks. This is a perfect plan for the whole family!

Castellers exhibitions.

Throughout the Festa Major de Sitges different castells performances are held in the most important squares and avenues of the town. Only in Catalonia, you can enjoy these human towers, and in Sitges, you can practically choose the time that suits you best to see them in live, since during the Festa Major many performances are scheduled. However, from Dolce Sitges we recommend you to see the Colla Jove de Castells de Sitges, which are the local castellers.

Fireworks and going down the stairs in the church.

Throughout the Festa Major different fireworks, shows have being organize, of course, but one of them takes place just before the “descent of the stairs” at the point in the Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla. From Dolce Sitges we recommend you to chain both plans to enjoy a full night.

It all starts with the colorful fireworks that you can see from the beaches of La Punta, the frigate and from the breakwaters, and continues with a castell de foc. After the show, the popular dances (including devils) descend the stairs at the top, next to the church, and walk the streets at a good pace.

Festa Major Ver


What to do during the Festa Major.

If, in addition to seeing, you want to participate actively in the activities of the Festa Major de Sitges, read our proposals carefully – the most entertaining of the day! In addition, as always, remember that the updated timetables await you on the Visit Sitges website.

Barracas: the concert area. 

Listening to good music and dancing is possibly the most popular activity of the Festa Major, organized by the main cultural Sitges associations. During the opening of these barracks at La Fragata you will be able to listen to live music by the moonlight. And from that day on, nightly concerts are waiting for you every weekend.

The Dance, in capital letters.  

The great dance of the Festa Major is an event not to be missed. It is held past midnight on the beach of La Fragata, and its musical program is varied and highly festive. Ready to move the body?

Open doors in the main museums.

During the Festa Major, open days are organized at Maricel Museum, Cau Ferrat Museum and the Stämpfli Foundation. If you are one of those who prefer a good afternoon (or morning) of museums, this cultural activity is quite a plan.

Do you want to know which works are exhibiting in each museum? Discover the works, authors and styles of the five main museums of Sitges in our article: museums and essential galleries.

Qué hacer Festa Major.

What to eat at parties.

Enjoying the Festa Major with the palate is also possible. The restaurants and bars of the area offer delicious proposals, but in Dolce Sitges we prefer to recommend you the popular gastronomic activities. They may not be the most glamorous but they are undoubtedly the most authentic. You can check all timetables at Visit Sitges!

Popular vermouth.  

The inhabitants of Sitges celebrate the arrival of the Festa Major with a popular Vermouth, which they will repeat on other occasions throughout the week. If you want to enjoy a delicious drink accompanied by live music, you can join any of the popular “vermouthades” – a toast to noon!

Watermelon for everyone.  

What better way to refresh yourself in summer than to enjoy a watermelon with live music. Faced with the excesses of the Festa Major, which are not few, we recommend this alternative gourmet plan.

Brunch and Fusion Nights.  

The Festa Major coincides with two of the most important gastronomic events in Dolce Sitges – and you’re more than invited! Every Sunday we celebrate a delicious Live DJ Brunch at Verema Restaurant, a perfect plan for both families and couples. In addition, at Verema, you can enjoy a night of fusion dinner in the moonlight, enlivened by international music – every day of the week! You can consult all the details or make your reservation from our website.  Comer Festa Major



Intense days await you. A week of frantic activities! From Dolce Sitges we hope that you have fun during the holidays and that you enjoy the best possible atmosphere. And if, in addition to doing, seeing and eating, you also want to sleep and relax in Sitges, you can book a comfortable rooom at our hotel or give yourself a massage at Dolce Vital Spa.