Tips that will make your romantic dinner the perfect evening.

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People say that love is blind, but what they don’t tell you is that love can be very boring if you don’t plan your romantic dates well. No one likes dull plans! Whether you’re planning to celebrate your anniversary in a restaurant or whether your idea is to have a candlelit meal, you should be clear that dinner is just the starting point of a good date.

At Dolce Sitges we are romantic, and we want to help you. That’s why we have five proposals that will make your special date great. In other words, we’ll help you refine the details of the evening to make it look like it was organized by Cupid himself… So, ready to hear some tips?


Get out of the routine, and out of tour town.

A romantic date cannot be predictable and should be surprising, first and foremost. So forget about staying at home…. Get in the car – or the train – and discover a small town together, perfect for a quiet hand-in-hand walk. A breakaway is a very good option to get out of the routine and do something different.

In the town of Sitges you can find all the ingredients you need and, of course, we recommend it as a destination: with a “microclimate” and 360 days of sunshine a year, quiet to walk around in – you won’t need maps or GPS – it has a very varied cultural offer and, in addition, you can find highly romantic emblematic spots. Sitges is almost as irresistible as you are!

Relax before the big date. And relax your date too!

Did you know that 100% of people say yes when you propose to go for a massage? A relaxing break is a guaranteed success plan, and to carry it out you only need to do a little research and find out what wellness, hot springs or massage centers are around. In addition, the benefits of a pre-date massage are highly positive for a couple: both of you will be happier, more relaxed and calmer before you start dinner.

As you know, at Dolce Sitges we are romantic, but we are also specialists in spa treatments and relaxing experiences. For this reason, we offer the special “romantic package” which could well be called Cava tickling on the palate & couple massage”.This consists of accommodation in one of our many pleasant rooms including romantic details, a relaxing Elemis massage in a double cabin with a touch of roses, jasmine, romantic dinner at the Esmarris Restaurant and a glass of cava. Without a doubt, an attractive formula that will add romantic points to your evening.

Dedicate a romantic toast to your partner.

Having a drink before dinner will add a touch of colour to your evening, and there are so many possible options to choose from that you are sure to have the cocktail of your liking.

Traditionally we think of alcohol as a digestive, but drinking it as an aperitif helps to break the ice and fill up energy. As well as being a splendid opportunity to toast!

Because toasting on a special occasion is an elegant act and a gesture with those who accompany us during the evening. An art that is difficult to master, no doubt, but with a good mental plan beforehand, anyone can express themselves eloquently during a toast. We suggest that you be concise, that you choose the moment well and that you be inspired by some personal anecdote with which you both have a link.

And the set? From Dolce Sitges we invite you to celebrate your pre-date toast in our Malvasia Bar, a charming and elegant space. In it you will enjoy incomparable panoramic views of the hotel gardens and the Mediterranean Sea, and you will also be very close to the hotel’s restaurants. The atmosphere in Malvasia is romantic but informal, and on summer nights it includes live music by a DJ-Lounge-House. Ideal for giving rhythm to your date!

Stimulate your palate with an exquisite dinner: choose a good restaurant.

Dinner isn’t everything, but it is the highlight of a romantic evening. That’s why you should choose an intimate place that allows you to converse without interruptions and with an exclusive atmosphere that matches the occasion.

Regarding the menu, we recommend a market cuisine, with fresh and local recipes, but with more modern cooking techniques. A combination of tradition and avant-garde can be the perfect tandem for a sophisticated date. And, of course, always avoid large portions.

In the Dolce Sitges hotel there are several restaurants and all of them can fit perfectly into your romantic date, however, the Esmarris Restaurant is possibly the most natural choice for this type of dinner. Here you will be able to taste a not so traditional Mediterranean cuisine prepared with innovative techniques and a more contemporary vision of haute cuisine. The ingredients are always fresh and seasonal, so your menu and tasting menu are updated regularly. Perfect if you plan on coming back on your next date!

Capture the moment with a picture as a souvenir.

When we travel we take pictures to remember every detail of our vacation…. why not immortalize a romantic date too? This way you will always have a lovely memory of this moment.

To remember an image forever is easy these days, because we all carry a semi-professional camera in our pocket, our smartphone. Just unlock it and say “cheese”.

But keep in mind these little tips to make your selfies as beautiful as possible:

Choose a good background that adds to the composition of the picture. An interesting texture such as antique brick or some natural element can give your photo an artistic touch. The color and the sets of lights, on the other hand, will help you achieve a magnificent romantic filter. Isn’t a sunset infallible?

A good angle helps a lot. It is important to know how to set up the camera so that the image is stylish and elegant. For example, if you take the picture from above or from the side, it will always be more attractive than from below, which will be much less flattering.

Play with the detail. In a foreground shot you’ll feel there is a lack of whitespace in the image, but with a detail shot you can get a very interesting romantic and mysterious effect. Focus only on the lips or eyes and check the result!

The elegance of black and white never fails. Being classic is the easiest way to get an elegant, intimate photo with a vintage touch. You surely don’t need to download applications to get that effect.

Always smile for the camera! Do not attempt to imitate studio photos or forced postures. By being natural and smiling you will get a more real result of yourself and, of course, a more authentic photo.


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash.