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Refreshing dishes and light cuisine are your biggest ally during the summer, both inside and outside Dolce Sitges. But which ingredients are best for a balanced diet? and why? Knowing which are the healthiest foods is of interest both to people who eat well and to people who cook well… And at Dolce Sitges we will help you discover them! 

Next, we’ll go over the best summer ingredients and, while we’re at it, we’ll show you how we turn those foods into delicious recipes in our Restaurant Esmarris and Restaurant Terrassa La Punta. Take note!


Fruita, perfect to combat the Mediterranean heat.
Eating fruit in summer is enjoyable and also helps us to maintain a balanced diet. Fruit prevents illnesses, provides us with vitamins and hydrates our body, and for this reason you will find it in the recipes in our menus:

  • Orange improves the immune system thanks to its high content of Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of white blood cells, and also helps the proper functioning of the brain as it contains folic acid. It also helps us remove spots on the skin!
  • Watermelon is diuretic and antioxidant, with high fibre and water content, making it perfect for hydration in summer. You can easily prepare it in the form of fruit salad, juice or soup.

At Dolce Sitges we offer you our irresistible fresh watermelon with mint cocktail!


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Fish, an ally of the balanced diet.

Although we eat fish all year round, in summer it is lighter and more palatable than in other seasons. Fish is one of the most complete foods as it provides us with many proteins and few calories, contains phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins and reduces our cholesterol thanks to its Omega 3.
There is a great variety of fish, but Dolce Sitges would like to recommend our favourites, the ones we have chosen to prepare the menus of our restaurants:

  • Cod provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids and, as we told you in a previous article about healthy foods, is typical of Catalan cuisine. This is a low-fat, low-calorie fish, ideal for maintaining a healthy diet. It’s also delicious when you cook it the way you cook it!
  • Tuna is a low-fat oily fish good for the heart because of its Omega 3And it also protects the skin from the sun! Tuna has many vitamins A, B, and D, which are beneficial to bones, to lower cholesterol, and to absolve calcium or phosphorus.
  • Cuttlefish is ideal for losing weight, as it is a great source of minerals, especially iodine, which helps our metabolism and our circulatory system. It is not a fish, but it has earned the full right to appear on this list!
  • Bonito is a balanced fish rich in Vitamins A, D, B9 and B3. Thanks to these vitamins the bonito is beneficial for the health of the sight or for the absorption of the calcium. In addition, it is rich in Omega 3 so it reduces cholesterol. We suggest you grill it with vegetables, as we do in our Restaurant Terrassa la Punta.


Dessert, the greatest tribute to summer.

Eating dessert often means skipping the balance of a meal, but we do. Dessert is the joy of a meal! One last act full of magic to which, in Dolce Sitges, we put a lot of hope, and that is that we have pastry chef…
Here we suggest some delicious (and very healthy) ingredients with which you can prepare a dessert… But if you prefer to rest and taste our homemade delicacies, you can visit the Restaurant Esmarris.

  • Matcha tea accelerates metabolism and burns calories. This green tea lowers cholesterol and does not raise insulin or blood pressure like others. In addition, this tea calms, relaxes and helps concentration.
  • The mango is very beneficial for the skin as it contains vitamin A and carotenoids, is very versatile to prepare recipes and absolutely delicious, A perfect food for the summer!

Give yourself a whim this summer with our “Zen Garden” with white chocolate, cocoa and matcha tea. You can’t miss it!