Self massage: relaxation techniques do it yourself.

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Relaxing without going to a professional masseur is also possible. There are simple tricks that you can apply at home, or even at work, to relieve some muscular aches or relax areas affected by the demanding day to day… The self-massage consists of treating yourself applying a homemade method, do it yourself, based on techniques such as friction or kneading, among others.

But not everything is relaxation. In addition to reducing stress and releasing tension, a well applied self massage has many benefits: it can help improve blood circulation, improve the appearance of the skin, improve the sleep quality, decontract or relieve pain, eliminate fluids retained by the body and even awaken your hidden talent.

Here are some home self-massage techniques, but before you apply them, make sure your muscles are relaxed and your skin is clean – a hot bath may be a good idea. We also recommend that you work the massage slowly, without causing pain, and accompany it with breathing exercises.


Relieve back strain

Malposition, unexpected effort or stress at work can cause back pain or muscle contractions -commonly called knots-. To relieve this tension, you can do a simple exercise with a small ball and a chair that will only take a few minutes.

Place the ball between your back and the back of the chair and move your body up and down, then make circular movements. Repeat these same movements in different areas of your back, avoiding the spine.

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Relieve tension in the neck and nape of the neck

The pain we feel in our neck may be mild or extremely uncomfortable. If yours is the second case, we recommend that you see a specialist to rule out a serious medical condition.

In most cases, neck stiffness and neck pain heal quickly, and the most common causes are sleeping in a position that stretches the muscles, sports injuries from turning the head quickly -in swimming is very common-, poor posture on the screen or excessive stress. Here’s an exercise to relieve this type of discomfort, which you can do while sitting or standing:

Put your right arm in front of your chest and rest your hand on the back of your neck. Then tilt your head to the opposite shoulder and slide your fingers down the imaginary line between the base of your head and your shoulder. Repeat several times, and do the same exercise, now with your left arm. Now put your wrists at the base of your neck and place your fingers on both sides of your spine. Massage the muscles with the yolk, pull up and press with your fingers. Repeat on neck and shoulders. Give small pinches around the nape of the neck, and then stretch the muscles in the area while applying pressure with your palms and fingers. Repeat. Finally, press down from the base of the head to the end of the neck. Repeat.

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Self facial massage

Facial massage is a technique that seeks to stimulate the dermal and muscular skin tissue to maintain its elasticity and firmness, but at the same time make the face look more relaxed and radiant. For the following technique, we recommend you to moisturize the skin with creams to get a better glide and follow the direction of the arrows in the drawing.

Slide your fingers up your face in both straight and circular motions. Repeat. Then, from the center of your forehead, massage outward toward your temple with the palm of your hand. Repeat it, and then press lightly on your forehead with your hands. For the eye contour, gently tap your fingertips on the bone, following the contour of your eyes. Repeat. Next, massage your nose by drawing circles upward with your fingertips around the flippers. Repeat the movement. And, finally, pat yourself gently on the face.
You can combine your facial massage with a neck massage, making movements without pressure upwards with the buds, palms or knuckles. 

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Massage the swollen ankles

The most common cause of leg and especially ankle swelling is poor circulation. To relieve this swelling, it is advisable to lie down and elevate the legs above the level of the heart, however, for all those who are not contortionists, it is much more practical to massage the area in order to promote blood circulation. You can do this by following these steps:

Sit in a chair, so that your knees are bent and allow you to reach your ankles, and rest your plants on the ground. First the right leg. Make slow upward movements with palms from the feet to the knee. Repeat, and make this same movement with your left leg. Next, make circular movements with your fingers around your ankle, clockwise. Repeat several times, and now make this same movement in the opposite direction. Then, with your fingers, make small movements as if you were kneading around your ankles. You can do it on both ankles at the same time. Repeat. Finally, hold the right ankle with your hand and press lightly on the Achilles tendon with your fingertips. Raises and lowers the hand from the heel to the beginning of the leg in the same position. Repeat with your left ankle.

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Relaxes the muscles of the hands

Hands are essential. We use them for everything, and that is precisely why it is important to relax the muscles in this area from time to time. This type of self massage is especially interesting before or after intense manual activities. To do this, we recommend moisturizing the skin with creams or oils to achieve a better glide:

Using your palms, move gently from the center of your hand to your fingers to relax the area. Repeat. Then place your thumb on the muscle area of your palm and make circular movements with a little pressure. You can repeat the movement with your thumb or your knuckles. With your index finger, run the tendons from the back of your hand to the inside of your fingers. Repeat. Now release the stress by holding your hand across the back, side to side, and squeezing gently. Repeat. Now use your fingers in a ring and press finger to finger. Finally, move slowly, up and down, holding your hand from your wrist to your fingers.

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Now that you know a little more about self-massage, all you have to do is practice! Repeat these five relaxing techniques from time to time and the results are sure to come in no time… And if you would like to receive a professional massage, we will be happy to attend you in our Dolce Vital Spa.

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