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Playas de Sitges

You probably already know that Sitges is an incredible holiday destination: gastronomy, culture, leisure… and yes, it is also the beach. What you probably don’t know is that Sitges has 17 beaches. You read that right!

With so much beach to choose from, it’s best to listen to a host like Dolce Sitges before throwing yourself into the adventure towel in hand. On which beach will you find better services? Which is more familiar? And the less crowded beach? Read on, and we’ll guide you through the most idyllic coastal towns – discover the 10 best beaches in Sitges!


Urban beaches.

Urban beaches attract more swimmers, of course, and also have more services such as showers, loungers or water activities. Want to find out which suits your holiday style best?

Sant Sebastiá Beach.

The beach of Sant Sebastiá is possibly the most iconic in Sitges: chosen as the best urban beach in the world by the New York Times. Located in the centre of the town, and in an old seafaring district, this beach has all the services for holidaymakers, including access for the disabled. And, in addition, you can walk quietly along its promenade full of terraces and sea views

Sant Sebastiá is awarded the blue flag, so it usually has a high occupancy in summer. However, between its 205 metres in length and 20 metres in width you will surely find a space to extend the towel.

As we tell you in the article 12 curiosities that you didn’t know about Sitges, Sant Sebastiá is twinned with La Concha beach in San Sebastián.

Sant Sebastiá


Beach of La Ribera.

La Ribera Beach is one of the most popular and best located urban beaches in Sitges. Located in the centre of the town, it has all the basic services such as toilets, showers, umbrellas and hammocks, as well as a children’s and sports area, interurban bus and even a sailing school.

The sea of Playa de la Ribera is calm water, the beach is sandy, and measure 260 meters long and 36 meters wide. It is easy to reach this urban beach both on foot and by car.



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Fragata Beach.

This beach is located at the foot of the famous Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla in Sitges. It is a downtown beach and has basic services such as toilets and showers, but not sun loungers, awnings or umbrellas. It also has volleyball nets and pedal boats for rent, so it tends to attract a younger or more athletic audience.

This popular urban beach shares space with the Nautical Club and is very busy in summer. Its dimensions are smaller than those mentioned above, in this case it is 85 metres long and 35 metres long. It is easily accessible on foot or by car.

La Fragata


Perfect beaches to enjoy with the family.

It is also possible to plant the umbrella as a family. If you are looking for a quiet beach for you, but where your little ones can release all their energy, we recommend two excellent options.

Barra Beach.

This beach, located on the outskirts of the bustling Sitges, has a relaxed and family atmosphere. It’s a perfect quiet place to spend the day with the kids. Barra Beach is characterized by stone dikes on both sides of its 390 meters in length.

La Barra has a lifeguard, a bar on the beach and basic services such as toilets, showers, lounger rental, sunshades and pedal boats. This beach can be reached by intercity bus, by car (parking in blue zone) or on foot



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Aiguadolç Beach.

The beach of Aiguadolç (fresh water in English) is of great beauty, surrounded by mountains and located behind the port of Sitges. This is a quiet, family environment, which has basic services such as toilets, showers, umbrellas, hammocks and additional services such as lifeguard, access ramp for the disabled, beach bar, pedal boat rental and parking for cars.

This is a busy beach, 145 meters long and 20 meters wide. Although the use of swimwear is common, it is also a nudist destination..



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Nudist beaches.

If you are one of those who prefer to sunbathe naturally, we suggest two spectacular beaches to visit. But don’t forget to put cream on!

Cala Morisca.

The Cala Morisca is a sandy beach about 140 meters long and 50 meters wide located between the cliffs of the Garraf. It is one of the most popular nudist beaches in Sitges, especially in high season.

This sheltered cove, without being isolated, offers the visitor calm waters (which can be anchored), beautiful views of the natural park and basic services such as toilet, showers, umbrellas, hammocks and a restaurant. Cala Morisca is easily accessible on foot or by car.

Beach of l’Home Mort.

This nudist beach joins Roses Beach with an area of cliffs across 275 meters (110 meters Home Mort and 165 meters Roses Beach). This is a beach with calm waters, isolated and with little signposting, which is best accessed on foot. However, we recommend you to wear sandals as it is a beach of small stones, not sand.

In summer its occupation is high, especially by the gay community, and has basic services such as toilet, umbrellas, hammocks and a beach bar.

Playa Home Mort


Gay-friendly beaches.

Sitges is an international destination for the LGBT community and some of its beaches are especially attractive to LGBT people. In this occasion we want to emphasize the Beach of Bassa Rodona, although the Beach of l’Home Mort is also very popular.

Bassa Rodona Beach.

This beach is the favorite of the gay community. It is central and very crowded, with calm waters and has services such as chairs, loungers, umbrellas, pedal boats and kayak rental, but not a beach bar. It is easily accessible on foot and by car, in fact it has a large car park and an intercity bus service.

This sandy beach is 285 metres long and 18 metres wide



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Beaches in nature.

If your idea of an oasis does not include civilization, you should add these two beaches to your list of excursions. Apart, with more restricted access and surrounded by untamed beauty, the natural beaches of Sitges are attracting more and more swimmers.

Terramar Beach.

This beach is quiet, far from the center and is not very crowded. It is also one of the largest in Sitges (395 metres long and 25 metres wide). Despite its more secluded location, Terramar Beach has services such as toilets, showers, hire of sun loungers or parasols and pedal boats.

Terramar is one of the beaches of Sitges awarded the blue flag thanks to its golden sand and its high quality waters.

Playa de Terramar


Desenrocada Beach.

The Desenrocada Beach is very similar in characteristics and size (100 meters long and 15 meters wide) to the Home Mort Beach. If you are looking for nature, you should know that this cove is considered a lost paradise.

Due to its natural environment and its isolated character, it does not have many services (only toilets and rental of parasols and hammocks). It is also not accessible in a private vehicle, but we can reach Playa Desenrocada in an interurban bus or on foot.



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The beaches of Sitges are known for their high quality, crystal clear waters and clean sand. If we add to that its proximity to Barcelona, located just 40 kilometres away, it is easy to guess why tourists and locals choose its coasts year after year… Do you want to book your holidays in a Mediterranean Oasis?