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With the reactivation of professional meetings in the meetings sector, we have kicked off the Dolce Sitges events with the holding of one of the first congresses in the entire town of Barcelona. The...
eventos tecnologia

Create amazing events thanks to technology.

Achieving the desired wow effect with digital solutions is the order of the day. That’s why at Dolce Sitges we wanted to compile some trends to help you create the best event of the...

Why hold your automotive industry events in a hotel?

Organising a professional event in a sector as important as the automobile industry can be complicated. That’s why having the right co-driver will help you avoid any bumps along the way. Obviously, we are...

Face-to-face meetings VS Virtual meetings. How to achieve the best result.

The face-to-face meeting is not in risk of extinction, far from it, but a worthy competitor has emerged: the virtual meeting. Don’t miss this new article!

Meetovation: the new trend in meetings and events.

Those who seek to innovate have turned their gaze to the north. Specifically, towards the Danish art of organizing events, also known as meetovation. How did this trend come about? What does it consist...
cultura de la felicidad

What is the culture of happiness at work.

The culture of happiness and well-being in a company is the sum of initiatives aimed at creating an atmosphere of optimism and collaboration among the staff. It is no secret that the happier and...
team building efectivo

What type of Team Building is most effective for your team?

Team building have become a very good technique to improve communication, reinforce a team or simply smooth things out. However, when you decide to bet on this type of action, you must be clear...

How do you keep your listeners’ attention during a presentation?

During a business presentation, which often runs between heavy figures and macro data, it is important to capture the attention of the viewer, and more importantly to keep it…. At Dolce Sitges we want...