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Escapar ciudad

5 plans to escape the city

In Dolce Sitges we suggest you 5 top plans to skip town for an evening, a day or a week. Whatever suits you best! Together we will find the best plan for you to...
Bodas temáticas

Theme weddings. Which one fits you?

In Dolce Sitges we want to give you some ideas so that you can find the wedding style that best suits you and, from there, you can unleash your imagination. Read on to discover...
escapada romantica

Romantic Escapade: 7 keys to organize it successfully.

you can also organize a successful romantic getaway. How? With a little help from Dolce Sitges… Keep reading, the lesson begins!
boda LGBT

Ideas to celebrate the LGBT wedding of the year.

Do wedding bells ring? Don’t let the wedding planning stress you out! Dolce Sitges will be with you every step of the way and will give you great tips for celebrating your wedding of...

The art of inspiring… on Instagram.

Social networks, especially Instagram, have become the visual loudspeaker of dreamers and creatives: photographers, designers, painters, sculptors, interior designers, travellers…
Despropósitos de año nuevo.

5+1 New Year’s nonsense.

Have you thought about breaking the list of purposes and creating a new tradition? We suggest you a more fun and mad alternative to the classic New Year’s resolutions: New Year’s nonsense.
Retiro de yoga

Yoga retreat: the trendy getaway.

Do you want to relax body, mind and spirit? A yoga retreat will allow you to achieve that, and much more. We want to guide you with a few small tips to make your...
La Mercè

What to do during La Mercè, Barcelona’s biggest festival.

La Mercè are hundreds of parties in one, with danceable activities and edible events. A celebration that transforms the streets of Barcelona to dress them with tradition, but at the same time exhibits modernity...
cita romantica

Tips that will make your romantic dinner the perfect evening.

At Dolce Sitges we are romantic, and we want to help you. That’s why we have five proposals that will make your special date great. In other words, we’ll help you refine the details...
Sant Jordi

Celebrate in Sitges the day of Sant Jordi.

You will see in the streets on this day people will be walking around with a book in one hand and a rose in the other. But… do you know the origin of this...