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How to make a perfect travel suitcase: practical tips and KonMari method.

For many of us packing is probably the most arduous task of a trip. It is very easy to fill the suitcase with things “just in case” and the best way to avoid it...
Álbum de boda artesanal

Create your wedding photo album. 100% handmade!

A wedding album can be tremendously impersonal or so emotional that it makes your relatives cry with each new page. It’s up to you to turn it into one or the other, we’ll just...
turismo sostenible

How to be a sustainable tourist.

Now, tourists are looking for more than comfort and luxury in a beautiful environment for their holidays. Sustainability has become a fundamental part of their philosophy in the day to day and consequently, also...

10 novels that will captivate you this Christmas.

Christmas is a time of hustle and bustle and family gatherings, but also of free time. Have you thought about what novel to read these holidays?
museos galerías Sitges

TOP 5: Essential museums and galleries in Sitges.

If you are somebody who feed the spirit with beauty and architectural heritage and like to get to know a region through its art, Sitges has a lot to offer.
álbum de viaje

Some ideas to decorate your travel album.

Travel albums have come back strong and, more than just a fad, have become an artistic expression in themselves… Some are really amazing! Look out for this article, we’ll teach you how to decorate...