Yoga retreat: the trendy getaway.

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Retiro de yoga

Do you want to relax body, mind and spirit? A yoga retreat will allow you to achieve that, and much more. In these times of constant hustle and bustle, taking a few days to dedicate yourself and practice yoga can be the refuge you were looking for.

At Dolce Sitges we are familiar with this type of getaway, and we want to guide you with a few small tips to make your yoga retreat a full experience. Will you join us?


What is a yoga retreat?

Let’s clarify concepts. A yoga retreat consists of escaping from the day to day to retreat to a different place, quiet, and concentrate on meditation and exercises that make each one feel in harmony. It’s about disconnecting from the world to connect with yourself.

There are many types of yoga retreats. Professional retreats, for example, are led by a teacher and their activities and exercises are agreed upon beforehand. Free retreats, on the other hand, are organized by groups of yogis or by a single person eager to escape and meditate.
If you know the exercises well, you can organise your own yoga getaway without any problems. And don’t worry about the level! Both beginners and experienced yoga retreatants can do a yoga retreat.


Where can you practice it?

For your yoga retreat to be a success, you must choose the right place. Whether you’re looking for a cottage or a large hotel, keep these four requirements in mind when you begin your search.


A natural environment is essential.

The same retreat in an outdoor environment will be a hundred times better. Nature inspires us, brings back forgotten sensations and helps us to deepen our meditation. Moreover, when nature is involved, yoga becomes a sensory experience: the aromas of grass or dew, the sound of silence with the ocean or the forest as a background, the irregular textures when stepping on leaves or sand, the impressive views of the sea… All these sensations contribute to relaxation.

In Sitges, for example, you have beautiful beaches and the Grarraf Natural Park at your disposal. However, if you move away from the centre and stay in Dolce Sitges, you can enjoy the tranquillity of a hotel with large garden areas and sea views.

A quiet environment to concentrate.

It is not the same to do your exercises in a big and little traveled space than in a small and crowded room. We recommend that you look for a peaceful place free of disturbing noises such as roads or crowds of people. Avoiding that kind of noises and distractions is key to concentration, and should therefore be a requirement on your list of essentials.

In general, moving away from the center of populations facilitates spiritual retreats. The Dolce Sitges hotel, for example, is built on top of a hill, so we don’t share noise with people, cars or mass tourism. However we have all the comforts.


With adequate and modern facilities.

In addition to the natural environment and tranquillity, you will also need good logistics: elements such as showers and locker rooms are very practical. It is also important to plan for contingencies that may arise. For example, if bad weather is present, having a well air-conditioned interior room with enough space will be of great help.

Thinking about rest at the end of the day is also important. We recommend that you look for a functional place that offers extras such as massages or water treatments. This way, you’ll be able to dive completely into wellness.

By the way, we can help you with that, too. At Dolce Sitges we have a spa, Dolce Vital Spa, with heated indoor as well as a Finnish sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, gym and, of course, comfortable and spacious rooms for resting.

Dolce Vital Spa Piscina

Dolce Vital Spa


Food and nutrition is also part of the retreat.

Switching from your regular meals to a healthier diet is a good way to break the routine and try to create healthier habits. During your disconnection retreat you can also afford not to cook for a few days, right?

Look for a place where in addition to space for yoga, delicious dishes based on the Mediterranean diet or vegan and vegetarian food options are prepared – your body will appreciate it!

If you choose Dolce Sitges, we will be delighted to serve you our market cuisine dishes with delicious vegan or vegetarian options that will undoubtedly meet all the demands of your list. .


The benefits of yoga for our health are many, and more than proven: it relieves pain, improves concentration, helps us rest, reduces stress, protects and cares for our body, improves flexibility and balance … Say yes to a yoga retreat is yes to wellness!