Why choose Sitges for your holidays.

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Vacaciones en Sitges

When you’re looking for a holiday destination, you want more than just a stamp on your passport…. Some want to taste new flavours and others want to share the best photos with their fans, but we all have the same goal: to find an unforgettable destination.

Sitges meets all these requirements, and many more. Read on, and you’ll discover why this small coastal townhas become a dream destination for vacationers from all over the world.


For its beaches between cliffs

The beaches of the Mediterranean have a special charm, that is indisputable. However, some of Sitges’ beaches are surrounded by a unique natural setting: small cliffs. The naturist beach of Cala Morisca, for example, is a beautiful and relaxing place surrounded by mountains. In it you can enjoy blue waters, a lot of tranquility and 140 meters of beach where you can spread the towel.

cala sitges

This beach is just 20 minutes drive from Dolce Sitges, and is a nice getaway to do with friends. However, if you prefer to walk to a closer beach, you have 16 other beaches to choose from Sitges. You can visit a different one every day!


For the charm of its historic centre

The historic centre of Sitges is a perfect route for strolling and discovering beautiful buildings, especially if you are a lover of period architecture. Among its streets we can find buildings as beautiful and emblematic as the Town Hall of Sitges, of Catalan civil Gothic style -end of the XIX century-, full of ornamental details in its windows and coats of arms. Another building worth visiting is the Bacardí Housethe headquarters of the Bacardi company in the city. This modernist building dates from the 19th century and was the old marketplace of Sitges. It currently offers interesting sightseeing tours through the history of the city, the Bacardi family and their steps through America.

Beyond concrete buildings, the charm of Sitges lies in its streets. Walking along the Calle Mayor and seeing its unique buildings, along Calle Parellades – one of the widest and most commercial streets in the city – or visiting the Doctor Robert Gardens is an almost compulsory activity for visitors.

Ayuntamiento Sitges

For its Mediterranean gastronomy

If you are one of those who choose your holidays with your stomach in mind, Sitges is an excellent candidate. In the Garraf area you will find delicious traditional recipes, among them some of the ones we suggest below:

Sitgetana rice: a rice made with the best fish in the area and with mountain products from the surrounding area. His recipe mainly includes fresh prawns and Norway lobsters, clams, diced cuttlefish, sausages, chopped pork ribs, some local vegetables and a glass of Sitges duck.

 El Xató: endive salad, anchovies and olives with tuna and fresh cod, seasoned with a special sauce made with almonds, toasted hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, oil, salt and spices. This is a typical dish from the Garraf area. In fact, it is traditional to celebrate xatonadas in popular festivities to taste it.

Gastronomia Mediterranea

Verema Restaurant – Dolce Sitges

For being a whirlwind of leisure

Coastal cities like Cadaqués are known for their idle night, yet Sitges is on their heels dangerously. In addition to numerous bars and restaurants, the city’s nightlife activities are constant: fireworks, cultural events, popular celebrations, concerts and LGBT events fill the Sitges calendar with events. Who gets bored is because he wants to!

If you are planning to spend the summer in the city, please note that the Festa Major de Sitges is held from 18 to 26 August and book your room in advice. This event revolutionizes the streets, filling them with music, celebration and many, many laughs. Without a doubt, a must for those who want to have a good time on holiday.

Festa Major Sitges

Because of its natural environment

The city of Sitges faces the Mediterranean coast, but is surrounded by an oasis of mountains: the Garraf Natural Park. This large natural area consists of 12,820 hectares of green areas and is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. Much of its landscape is typically Mediterranean, with dense scrub and lush forests of holm oaks and pine forests, boxwood valleys, honeysuckle and honeysuckle. In addition to the vegetation, the Garraf Natural Park also has a sky rich in fauna. It is home to common birds, water birds and endangered birds of prey such as the Peregrine Falcon and Bonelli’s eagle.