Why celebrate your business events in Sitges?

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Negocios Sitges

Sitges is a magical location that offers all the facilities an event organiser could dream of: a well-connected and peaceful, natural and cultural setting with plenty of suppliers to choose from and great logistics structure to support meetings of all sizes.

In Dolce Sitges, we are aware Sitges is a wonderful place. Even so, figures are more convincing than words: this is why we are presenting 8 great reasons why Sitges is the best location ever for your future business events. Take good note of them!

1.Because of the region’s international character.

Sitges is not another ordinary beach destination. It is Spain’s Saint Tropez. It is an international destination that takes in tourists from all around the world during the summer season and visitors from all cultural origins during the off-season. Thanks to events of great repercussion such as the Sitges Film Festival , the Sitges Gay Pride or the International Vintage Car Rallye Barcelona – Sitges, this town has become a prestigious destination.

Another benefit of Sitges’ international character is the lack of language barriers. In Sitges, travel, restaurant and leisure professionals speak several languages, obviously including English, which makes celebrating there any international event much easier.

Puerto de Sitges

2. Because of its expertise in hosting business events.

Did you know Sitges is the second destination with more congresses in Catalonia? Sun and beach are not everything seaside Sitges has to offer you. Sitges is a model with regards to business events management, at the same level as other big Spanish and European cities and, despite being a middle-size town (around 300 000 residents), it has a solid infrastructure and a great range of suppliers.

Only in Dolce Sitges, we have more than 2175 m2 destined to hold conferences and meetings, including 26 bright business rooms. In fact, in the last few years we have held important business events from companies from all over Europe.

Salas de Reuniones Dolce Sitges

3. Because of its surroundings, the Mediterranean Sea, namely.

Sitges is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean thanks to its marvellous setting: it is surrounded by the Garraf Natural Park, which protects the residents from the wind and inclement weather and offers magnificent views of the sea.

Sitges is certainly a town facing the sea. It has more than 4 kilometres of beaches!  Quite a few business travellers have decided to practise bleisure and have extended their stay to enjoy this great location. Check all the possibilities Sitges has to offer in our article 10 best beaches in Sitges .

Would you like to celebrate an event with sea views? Said and done. Our meeting rooms in Dolce Sitges (indoors and outdoors) are open-plan and feature terraces with panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. It is the working environment of your dreams!

Playa de Sitges

4. Because of its excellent weather: 300 sunny days a year.

As mentioned, Sitges is blessed by a privileged weather thanks to its location, enclosed by hills. Here, celebrating outdoor activities is nice and easy. According to weather data, Sitges has 300 sunny days a year and a great average temperature. It is almost a Mediterranean Oasis!

Good weather is specially stimulating if you are holding an event in Dolce Sitges.  Why is that so? Our hotel is located in a quiet area in Sitges and has some magnificent gardens where you can relax on your breaks from work. And for those professional multi-days, you can enjoy our four solar energy-heated outdoor pools, our spa, with amazing sea views and fine treatments, and our gym, fully equipped with the latest technology. Because business is not all that matters!

Jardines Dolce Sitges

5. Because of its proximity to Barcelona.

Sitges is only 35 minutes away from Barcelona by car, and it can also be reached by public transportation such as train or bus. Most definitely, its closeness to Barcelona is one of Sitges’ best allies when holding business events. Specially if we bear in mind it only takes 30 minutes to get here from El Prat Airport.

However, Sitges manages to keep its charm intact, away from the city hustle, and offers intimacy with all the benefits of a big town. Hosting an event in Sitges does not mean giving up on Barcelona logistics nor suppliers! All companies that trust us when holding their events know they can coordinate activities in Barcelona easily.

Sitges cercanía a Barcelona

6. Because of Sitges’s cultural wealth.

Sitges means beauty, architecture, history… In its Mediterranean landscape we can discover churches from the 18th century, unique palaces and museums with great appeal. So, if you link your event with Sitges, attendees will have extra reasons to come to your meeting.

Its festive atmosphere and lovely corners, like the old town, are perfect for getting away after an intense working day

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. If the participants to your event are sports lovers, you will love to hear that Sitges has three marinas and an excellent golf course to practice your swing.

Riqueza cultural Sitges

7. Because of all the possibilities it offers for your Team Building activities.

A quiet environment is ideal for boosting all activities focused on team inclusion or communication improving and networking. In other words, Sitges is perfect for team building.

Sitges offers multiple settings: beaches, mountains, golf courses, charming quarters, unique taverns, delicious Mediterranean restaurants…

In Dolce Sitges we have been hosting these type of events for years and we have gained some expertise to offer you proposals to suit your objectives. From our segway winery tour through the Garraf wine-growing regions to a typical Catalan castells seminar or a team building day on the beach.

Team Building Sitges


8. Because of its specialised hotels such as Dolce Sitges.

While having high quality hotels, only Dolce Sitges has been fully refurbished to become a Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury. We are a much modern and efficient hotel now, fitted out with all the audiovisual and logistic resources an important event can need and with more than 2175 m2 of versatile space for meeting up. And we are certified by the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).

Did you know that Dolce Sitges is the first Spanish hotel designed to hold conferences and congresses as well as high standing holiday tourism? We are a meeting point for professionals, a place to become inspired, to connect and enjoy while reaching one’s goals.

We work every single day for our business guests to celebrate their events with great success. Would you like to be one of them?

Dolce Sitges

Dolce Sitges