What type of Team Building is most effective for your team?

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Team activities bring us together. For this reason, group dynamics or team building have become a very good technique to improve communication, reinforce a team or simply smooth things out. However, when you decide to bet on this type of action, you must be clear that not all of them serve the same purpose.

First things first, find out what you want to achieve with this dynamic: motivate, detect leadership, relax your spirits, encourage collaboration… And, of course, what kind of activity is the most suitable for the people who make up your team.

Read on, and we’ll help you identify the benefits of different types of team building so you can make the right choice:

Gastronomic Team Building

team building gastronomico

The cuisine is a delicious energizer of equipment. It is suitable for all types of companies, motivates large or small teams and serves profiles of very different people -age, physical condition or cultural background. You could say it’s a dish to suit all tastes.

Doing an activity between the stoves allows workers to disconnect from routine and have a fun team experience, right. However, the menu of the gastronomic Team Building is extensive, and you have to choose one activity or another according to the objectives you want to achieve…

For example, if you want to promote competitiveness and at the same time detect leadership, we suggest the classic cooking workshop. With it this you will encourage a healthy rivalry between teams working towards the same goal. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is companionship, overcoming common challenges and effort, we propose you a challenge with degustation -or tasting- as a final prize. In Dolce Sitges we organize this kind of dynamics, such as our Brompton Bicycle Tapas Route, in which participants must overcome a cultural bike ride through the city of Sitges to reach its exquisite outcome..

Nature Activities

Actividades Naturaleza Photo by Margarida Csilva on Unsplash.

Workshops for companies in the middle of nature gain ground from activities behind closed doors. These dynamics, also called Outdoor Team Buildings, are perfect for  promoting good harmony between workers in a relaxing environment such as forests, beaches or large open spaces. In fact, the environment is the key to this longed-for calm… Did you know that hearing the sound of leaves or waves decreases our stress levels? Or that with the sun’s rays we produce vitamin D, and it helps us to relax?

Outdoor activities are the fun team building par excellence, because the list of fun things to do outside the office is endless…. In addition, in a new natural environment, the positive predisposition of people increases and they perceive the group more as a team.

Other benefits of nature activities are that they enhance skill, allow us to practice sports and generate team cohesion. A perfect example of this type of activity is the Multiadventure Raid that we organize in Dolce Sitges, a varied sports and leisure competition: horse riding, quads, orienteering… Perfect for releasing adrenaline with your work colleagues in the mountains!


Cultural Team Building

Team Building Museo Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash.

Knowledge takes no place, and it can also be a lot of fun. A cultural team building can be a visit to the museums of a region, a walk through emblematic places or even a tour of film and literature routes. There is something for everyone, of course, and the vast majority are designed to encourage effort and collaboration between teams. 

Each place has its own history and curiosities, and getting to know them with co-workers can be an enjoyable way to spend the day and create new bonds. In the case of Sitges, for example, you can discover its cultural richness through a route that celebrates the beauty of the city and the Mediterranean: Trails of Discovery. Dolce Sitges has defined it together with the help of the local influence Ana Crank who knows Sitges and its spots, and it is a charming route that reviews its museums, its beaches and its most picturesque corners.

Are you looking for more cultural immersion? In that case, we recommend that you explore the possibilities of the local environment until you find an authentic and unusual activity. Like, for example, the towers of Castells typical of Catalonia. In Dolce Sitges we organize a team building day with local castellers in which we explain to the participants this traditional sport while they enjoy an exclusive demonstration. A great example of how teamwork takes you to the top!

Creative Experiences

team building cerativo Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash.

A creative team building allows its participants to express themselves through a playful and artistic activity. It generally consists of building in groups some kind of structure – group mosaic, sand castle, lay figure – thus developing teamwork and lateral thinking. Recently, however, new creative dynamics based on roles and characters with an elaborate setting and puzzle-solving have emerged.

Problem solving is a very effective way to get a team working in the same direction. With this type of activities we can see the abilities of each person, their ability to solve or proactively and the interpersonal relationships that occur during this action. But…. in what activity do we creatively solve team problems? Indeed, in an Escape Room.

This type of leisure offer is a consolidated trend that combines fun, creativity and a good dose of problems to solve. And it can also be done in Sitges! That’s right, in Sitges there are several Escape Room proposals for you and your team to test your wits…. Find out for yourself which one you want to start with!