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Bodas temáticas

It’s happened to all of us. You attend a wedding and suddenly a strange family feeling invades you. You’ve seen this before! What looks like déja vu is, unfortunately, the memory of the last wedding you were invited to. An event cut by the same pattern as the previous one… 

Luckily, the era of photocopying weddings is coming to an end. More and more brides and grooms reveal themselves against the corsetted traditions and decide to organize a different marriage. Just as a wedding dress reflects the personality of the person who wears it, your wedding should also be unique, special and express your identity.

Why not have a theme wedding? In Dolce Sitges we want to give you some ideas so that you can find the wedding style that best suits you and, from there, you can unleash your imagination. Ready to ring the bell? Read on to discover some examples of thematic weddings.


Hippie wedding. And long live love!

The hippie style is a trend that gains followers every day. And it doesn’t surprise us! Hippie style weddings fall in love with their natural aesthetics, their relaxed looks inspired by the sixties and their feminine hairstyles full of flowers.

The use of natural materials is essential to achieve the Peace&Love effect. Woven fabrics such as cotton for fabrics or tablecloths or esparto shoes for the bride and groom, although the most daring will walk the way to the altar barefoot!

To properly decorate a hippie wedding, we recommend wild flowers, wood, candles and steamy white fabrics with vivid colors. You can use these motifs to dress up the altar, decorate the banquet and, of course, to create a photocall to match your themed wedding. In terms of the environment, choose a wooded or landscaped area where green predominates to create the ideal environment. You’ll get some fancy pictures!

boda estilo hippie

Ibizan wedding. You’ll hit the target!

Ibiza style weddings have a casual air. The fabrics are relaxed, the hairstyles more informal and the atmosphere, whether on the beach or near the sea in a coastal area, is most natural.

To celebrate a total white themed wedding you just need to make sure that each element of your link is the right colour: white for fabrics with materials such as cotton or linen, white for tablecloths and furniture and white for decoration. In the meantime it may seem that the relevance of the bride’s dress will fade, but it is easy to give it back its protagonism by wearing a lace or crochet dress.

As we have already commented, the most classic will celebrate their Ibizan wedding on the beach, on the sand. However, getting a location with sea views and landscaped areas such as Dolce Sitges will ensure the best logistics on this special day. The best of every world!

Vintage wedding. What year do you want to get married?

An epochal wedding is a journey back in time: the 1920s, the 1960s, a leap into the Middle Ages… If you decide to organise a themed wedding set in another historical period, you’ll get the charm of another era and surely leave your guests enthralled.

In order to recreate the atmosphere of another era, you must focus on four large blocks: wardrobe, decoration, music and gastronomy. If you get them under control, you can advance to the next level.

Would you like to make your big entrance in a vintage car? Or have entertainers disguised among the guests? Or maybe a themed cake? Including an effect detail will attract all the spotlights, and at Dolce Sitges we can help you achieve it. For example, our large rooms are designed so that vehicles can enter them – even in the gardens!

coche epoca

Slow Wedding: the trend that sweeps away.

Having a Slow Wedding means embracing a new philosophy: calm. In these types of events neither stress nor burden are invited, and wedding preparations are an occasion to enjoy the moment. From having fun trying on the wedding dress to savouring all the menus before choosing the right one. A Slow Wedding is not meant to be a wedding in all its glory and, of course, those who opt for this type of celebration restrict expenses and the number of guests.

Comfort is another of the fundamental pillars of this type of thematic wedding, and the bride and groom’s dress will reflect this. Both they and the guests will be comfortable and will adapt their dress code to a more informal style. To get the ultimate look, many choose to wear natural hairstyles and subtle makeup strokes.

Generally speaking, natural outdoor environments are the ideal setting for Slow Wedding: a beautiful garden, the countryside in a rural area or even the beach.

Ethnic wedding. More exotic, impossible!

The world will be your greatest inspiration! Often, the traveling bride and groom decide to adopt the culture or traditions of other places to turn their bond into a unique celebration. Rites, dresses, decoration, music, banquets… All of this contributes to building that exotic atmosphere. But what fate fits you?

Morocco and its exuberant colours, Thailand and its millenary traditions, the ostentatious imperial Russia… No doubt you will need the professional advice of a wedding planner to make up your mind and, why not, browse specialized pages. Looking for inspiration is a must!

At Dolce Sitges we have celebrated numerous ethnic weddings over the years. Some of them were of fans of other cultures, and others of couples of foreign origin who chose our hotel to celebrate their wedding. And it’s been a real honor to participate in all of them! The most recent was this 2019, with a beautiful Hindu wedding held in the gardens of the hotel.

Boda étnica hindú


Biker wedding. Bride and groom on wheels!

If you’re a motor lover and your wedding is just around the corner, organizing a motorbike wedding may be a perfect choice. Both the wardrobe and the decoration can be easily adapted to this type of thematic wedding (leather garments for guests, boots instead of more formal shoes, custom photocalls...). Another very important aspect in this type of event is the music. You’ll have to fill the Rock and Roll room!

Of course, two-wheeled vehicles are not to be missed either. Bride and groom bikers dream of making a big entrance at the wheel of their vehicle, and in Dolce Sitges they will be able to do so. Did you know that our facilities are adapted so that vehicles such as cars or motorcycles can access gardens and party halls? Get to know the hotel, without obligation, and you will discover that we have everything you need to make that day unforgettable.

Boda motera


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