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Are cold weather and low temperatures damaging your skin, making it drier or tighter or maybe irritating it? Whether you want to prevent these symptoms or relieve them, if you’re already suffering them, we bring you a simple and efficient solution: our winter wellness treatments.

In our Dolce Vital Spa, we offer you deluxe treatments to take good care of your skin designed for each time of the year. And to start the year off right, we suggest you five winter wellness formulas: from a relaxing water circuit to a hot stone massage.  What are you waiting for? Book your treatment now!

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Relaxing thermal circuit.

Our professionals in Dolce Vital Spa recommend visiting the water area, our relaxing circuit made to soothe your body and skin before or after working out. This comprehensive activity includes: an indoor heated swimming pool, several cervical waterfalls, a jacuzzi-style whirlpool bath, a Finnish sauna and a steam bath.

Are you aware of the benefits of water circuits?

Hydrotherapy was already practised in ancient Greece, since water has a high healing, preventive and recovering power. It’s for that reason that, if you are looking for resting your organism, you need to experience our cervical waterfalls or take a swim in hot water, as these treatments dilate the blood vessels. If your goal is to tone up your body, take a dip for 10-15 minutes, switching from cold to hot water. Temperature changes have a beneficial biothermal effect! But if you want to remove toxins, we suggest you use our steam baths and Finnish sauna. They both have a very efficient vasodilator and perspiration effect to cleanse your body.


Diamond Rosé exfoliation by Natura Bissé.

As mentioned, winter cold can damage your skin. One of its most common visible effects is cracked and dry skin, as well as tight skin with a scaly appearance as a result of dead cells building up in the epidermis. To end this problem, Dolce Vital Spa proposes a dedicated exfoliating and a subsequent moisturising treatment.

What is Diamond Rosé exfoliation by Natura Bissé?

This sophisticated 65-minute treatment includes a diamond dust and Damask rose-based exfoliation procedure. It is a beauty ritual that’s highly nutritious and rejuvenating. Treat yourself with this therapy once a month during cold season. Thanks to this exfoliation process and the diamond particles, you will relieve the tightness on your skin and look hydrated and bright.


Geothermal stone massage.

This therapy consists on placing natural volcanic rocks at about 50°C on your skin. These volcanic rocks are made of basalt which allows for retaining heat long enough to cause a healing outcome.

It is a body massage of Asian origin that is extremely beneficial during cold weather and it also reduces stress.

What are the benefits of the geothermal massage?

The geothermal stone massage has a duration of 75 minutes and consists on applying stones to put pressure and thermally stimulate your body. With this exclusive treatment, you will gain relaxation of your muscles, pain and tension relief and toxin removal out of your body through perspiration.

Lymphatic drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique consisting in slow and smooth movements that contribute to the elimination of fluid. In Dolce Vital Spa, we recommend this treatment specially during the coldest time of the year due to its beneficial effects on the body’s defence. Do you want to know why? The lymphatic system is a fundamental element of our immune system and consists of small vessels and a liquid called lymph. The lymph circulates under the skin and eliminates substances like toxins, bacteria or water excess.

This is why, if we apply a draining massage on the skin, we make the lymph flow better and make the skin look prettier and more natural.

What are the immediate results we see after a lymphatic drainage?

This 50-minute massage favours lymph circulation and liquid removal, so you will get toxins and bacteria out of your body. As a result, your skin will look much better: you will get your pores clean, less bloating… Lymphatic drainage has also a sedative result on body pain, reduces swelling and has a soothing effect in situations of stress.

OPI Infinite Shine manicure or pedicure.

Manicure is a highly beneficial treatment since it alleviates stress and rises your self-esteem. In addition to its obvious aesthetic benefits, such as highlighting your hands looks or concealing small imperfections, it controls cuticle growth and properly shapes your nails.

Dolce Vital Spa recommends manicures or pedicures during this cold, grey skies weather. With the OPI bright colours  selection, you will start your year with happiness and shine!

Do you know why Infinity Shine manicure is the best you can get?

Infinity Shine is a gel effect nail polish that gives a special glow to your fingernails: a mirror-like colour-lasting look. This formula with oligomers produces this shinning result without using a lamp. In order to achieve it, during the finishing process, the light inhibitors get activated and the oligomers intertwine so as to conform a hard layer. With an OPI durability warranty of up to 10 days!

We hope these five wellness formulas help you start your year with a beaming look and in a much more relaxed mood. You can book them in our website or discover other season offers. See you at Dolce Vital Spa!

And if you cannot wait until your reservation day, you can start your treatment yourself with these DIY relaxing self-massage techniques.