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escapada romantica

The difference between a weekend away from home and an unforgettable romantic getaway lies in the small details – many hours of work with Cupid! But don’t worry, even if you don’t have any free time, you can also organize a successful romantic getaway. How? With a little help from Dolce Sitges…

Love is in the air, and we have gone out to take a deep breath and write a special article with 7 clues for everyone in love to organize a romantic getaway. Keep reading, the lesson begins!


The environment is your stage, choose wisely.

Your getaway needs a magical environment to lay the foundations for a romantic narrative. That’s why we suggest you organize a getaway to some place surrounded by beauty that, if possible, you’ve never visited together in the past. If you are more of a city, choose a town that has a charming architecture and, if you like nature, somewhere near the coast that is quiet or in the mountains surrounded by splendid views.

Many lovers travel to another European city on specific dates, but the hustle and bustle of a trip can break the magic: queues at the airport, language problems, being on the map… We recommend that, for your romantic getaway, choose a local destination like Sitges. Don’t get complicated! This coastal town has charm, unique buildings and is surrounded by nature. On the one hand you will contemplate the hypnotic blue of the Mediterranean Sea and, on the other hand, the leafy forests of the Garraf Natural Park. To call it idyllic is an understatement.

Let’s go to work: pack a special suitcase.

When you’re preparing a romantic getaway, you need a wardrobe that’s up to the task. Add elegant clothes to your suitcase, for example, versatile clothes so that both of you feel like fish in the water in bars and restaurants. You can even go shopping and get some special clothes for the occasion. Remember that your goal is to leave your partner with his mouth open.
It is important not to forget your suitcase… Ask your partner to prepare something stylish and special, but don’t give too many clues as to where you’ll be visiting – you must keep the magic at all times!

Surprise him/her with a gift.

Having a detail always adds a plus of romanticism to any date. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on it! You can opt for a personal detail such as cufflinks or earrings, for example.
Why is it important to give? A gift is much more than it seems… Keep in mind that object will become a trigger of memories, and each time your partner sees it will evoke the memory of your romantic getaway.

Find a hotel as charming as your are.   

As with any romantic getaway, you may spend a lot of time at the hotel, and that’s precisely why it’s important to find a resort that’s up to the task. An elegant, romantic and intimate place. As charming as you are!

From Dolce Sitges we invite you to know our hotel, located in a privileged environment, next to the Natural Park of Garraf and with a few visits to nature.
You should know that all our spaces, both in common areas and rooms, are elegantly decorated, to highlight the chic Mediterranean style Rooms Mediterrani. These surprising rooms have a large terrace with views or a jacuzzi tub for couples. Can there be anything more romantic than bubbles?

Deluxe Mediterrani Room

Deluxe Mediterrani Room

Get it (again) through the stomach.  

A romantic getaway is a golden opportunity to pamper your palate. Why not take advantage of it? Check the menus of the local restaurants to find the one that best suits your perfect evening, and if you don’t understand restaurants, pay attention to two key aspects: that the cuisine is market and that the ingredients are local. It is always a guarantee of quality raw material!

At Dolce Sitges we work with market cuisine and top quality ingredients, of course, but we also specialise in romantic gastronomy, as you can hear! In the menu of our Restaurant Esmarriyou will find aphrodisiac delicacies such as oysters or homemade chocolate-based desserts, for example. Ingredients that, without a doubt, cannot be missing from your romantic getaway.

Break the routine: propose a different activity.   

A walk under the stars, a visit to a local wine cellar, or a relaxing massage with a partner can be great activities to do during your romantic getaway. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In Dolce Sitges we want to offer an unforgettable stay to our customers. Therefore, all our guests can freely access our Dolce Vital Spa and enjoy the water circuit, the solarium or the gym at no additional cost. And for those looking for a more exclusive couple experience, we offer seasonal treatments and five-star relaxing massages – perfect for moisturizing the skin after the summer!


Disconnect form the world.

Disconnecting from work and the obligations of daily life is a pending subject for many of us. Don’t let your problems pollute the perfect evening! During your romantic getaway, silence the problems and especially the mobile phone – just use it to take pictures!



Would you like to spend a romantic weekend in Dolce Sitges? Or maybe a weekday getaway? Visit our website to see special offers for couples, such as our Romantic Package or the Escapada Relax & Gourmet. We guarantee that you and your partner will surrender to their charms.