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Do wedding bells ring? If so, you and your partner are probably looking for ideas and locations against the clock. Don’t let the wedding planning stress you out! Although this type of event requires a lot of planning and work, you will never be alone in the face of danger. Your suppliers will be with you every step of the way and will give you great tips for celebrating your wedding of the year.

Dolce Sitges knows that organizers often take a very traditional approach to these celebrations and that’s why we want to dedicate an article exclusively to LGTB couples looking for the perfect wedding. Ready to write down some ideas?

Forget the protocol. It’s your day!

Weddings have always had very rigid protocols, but this is changing with new generations. Now he can accompany you to the altar who you choose or even make a joint entry in pairs. Why not? It’s your day, and if you want to name one or more bridesmaids or choose godparents of the other sex, you’re more than allowed. Forget conventions!


Outdoor civil ceremony? Of course I do.

Nature is in fashion. And there’s nothing more beautiful than having a ceremony outdoors in the sunlight. If you choose this option, it is very important to prepare a corner of drinks, decorated for the occasion, or distribute bottles of water among the guests so that they are well hydrated.

In the gardens of Dolce Sitges we have held numerous civil ceremonies, and it’s no wonder, as the dazzling lawn of 1,348 m², the views of the Mediterranean Sea and the 300 days of sunshine a year make them an incomparable romantic setting. You and your partner are invited to visit them whenever you want!


The cocktail, absolute protagonist.

One of the most disruptive tendencies of this year is to turn the cocktail or aperitif into the gastronomic protagonist of the wedding. Many bride and groom are opting to reduce the time of the traditional wedding banquet to celebrate a long cocktail, and some have even traded chairs and tables for a creative standing tasting. If you are one of those who think that the highlight of the celebration is the party, this option will fit you, since it brings both moments in time.

If you finally celebrate your wedding in Dolce Sitges our culinary team will prepare delicious proposals for you until we find the perfect repertoire. Only suitable for the most demanding palates! And when the big day arrives, the executive chef and his professional cooks will prepare each dish on the spot with local ingredients. And let’s not forget the dessert! Our pastry chef will make a magnificent wedding cake to all those who prefer a sweet ending to the celebration.


Inspiration in social networks: hunting for trends.

The most creative ideas are born in social networks, so we recommend that you spend some time browsing for inspiration. Some of the most surprising proposals for this season’s LGBT weddings, such as rainbow cakes, have been born on the internet. And they’re a delicious combination of imagination and vindication!

Another trend that is sweeping the nets is natural photosno more forced posing with relatives! Now it takes spontaneity and to get it you will need a specialized photographer, with whom you have a certain connection, to help you capture those moments.
Another side of the same coin are the artistic photos for weddings. This new trend breaks through and consists of playing with lights and shadows to capture the aesthetics of emotions. In other words, get magazine photos.


Location is everything.

Egalitarian marriage can be celebrated in Spain for more than a decade, in 2005, and since that first moment Sitges has been one of the gay friendly destinations par excellence. We can proudly say that we are a progressive population where to celebrate love only needs two people willing to give the yes I want.

This is a good reason to consider Sitges among your candidates, but it is not the only one. The location of this coastal town is idyllic: close to the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by nature with the Garraf Natural Park and very good hotels to choose from, including Dolce Sitges. Did you know that we have a team of professional wedding planners and unique venues for this type of event? If you choose to give the yes I want in the hotel you will enjoy all its advantages and logistics. For example, a landscaped terrace with incredible sea views to celebrate both the long-awaited ceremony and the welcome cocktail and for the banquet one of the Medietrrani or Sitges rooms, specially designed for large events. Both are diaphanous spaces with capacity for large groups, and feature exquisite décor and the latest in lighting and sound. And that’s not all! In addition to special offers for Friday and Sunday weddings or 2020 pre-bookings, Dolce Sitges also offers exclusive wedding benefits such as spa access, discounts on accommodations or a romantic dinner on your first wedding anniversary. And if you are more than 50 people, also for the happy couple, bridal room prepared for the occasion with buffet breakfast and massage in a double cabin. Can we ask for more?


We hope this list of ideas for an LGBT wedding has excited you as much as it has excited us – but it’s only the beginning! To have the wedding of the year you will have to work hard… luckily, with imagination and the help of the right supplier, everything is possible. See you at Dolce Sitges!