How to make a perfect travel suitcase: practical tips and KonMari method.

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For many of us packing is probably the most arduous task of a trip. What size suitcase do I need? Do I listen on time or do I bring more clothes? Should I add an elegant change of clothes? What about shoes? What about books? What about sunscreen? 

It is very easy to fill the suitcase with things “just in case” and the best way to avoid it is with the Konmari Method. This philosophy of life has been created by Mari Kondo, a famous Japanese guru of order, and is sweeping the world. His books are bestsellers, his Netflix trending topic series and his advice have made us learn how to pack the perfect suitcase. Ready to read his recommendations?


First step: get rid of the unnecessary.

The Konmari Method applies the philosophy of feng shui to clothing. The idea is to keep (and take with you on a trip) those clothes that excite you, that have meaning for you, and get rid of the unnecessary. In the case of a travel suitcase, it would be advisable to leave on land the garments “just in case” or those whose usefulness you have any doubt. If you’re in doubt, you probably won’t need it.

And, of course, use common sense: do you need ten jackets for five days of travel? Eliminating excess will lighten your suitcase drastically.

lo innecesario

Step two: pack your bag in one day.

If you prepare your suitcase in one day you will concentrate on that task and it will be less likely that you will forget or duplicate garments. To make a perfect travel suitcase, it is ideal to dedicate an afternoon to its preparation, a few days before your vacation. Start by thinking about what you need, what time or what activities you are going to do, and after this reflection you will be able to start separating everything into categories.

en un dia


Step three: separate everything by categories.

Sorting clothes and objects when you pack a suitcase is a habit that will make your life much easier. According to Mari Kondo, you should separate clothes and accessories into groups: pants with pants, T-shirts with T-shirts, shoes in individual bags for each pair, objects of care and beauty together, papers and documents, electronic material and so on. Later, when you pack your bag, put it all together, also grouped by families.



Step four: fold your clothes correctly.

Folding clothes is the best way to gain space. And that’s always appreciated in a travel suitcase! According to the Konmari philosophy, properly folded (or preferably rolled) clothing should be held upright, vertically, so that it can be stored together and in parallel. Besides, this way you can see her quickly. By the way, you should also fold dirty clothes so that they take up as little space as possible.

In the following video tutorial you will be able to see how to fold your clothes correctly:

When it comes to personal hygiene items, shoes or other things you want to take on a trip, the order guru also has recommendations:

  • The shoes are one of the first objects that you must introduce in your suitcase (they are the heaviest and for that reason it is better to place them in the base). As we mentioned, the way to transport them is to store them in individual bags for each pair and place socks or stockings inside.
  • Gather all your beauty and hygiene products in one bag and try transferring shampoos or creams to smaller containers. Why take a giant bottle of shampoo on holiday? Keep in mind how much you’ll need and make sure the jars are securely locked.
  • Place the delicate garments on the flap of the suitcase so that they are as extended as possible.
  • Keep the books or documents in the separator of the suitcase or in your pockets. And, of course, wrap the wires in a small bag. If you can, take your chargers, adapters and anything else your connection with the world depends on in a handbag or in your bag so that, if something happens to your suitcase, always have them with you.

plegar la ropa

We hope you found this brief summary useful. Our duty at Dolce Sitges is to help our clients as much as possible and, in addition to bringing their suitcase to the room, also make their preparation more bearable.