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turismo sostenible

We live in times of change. Responsible consumption has come to stay, also in the world of leisure and travel. Now, tourists are looking for more than comfort and luxury in a beautiful environment for their holidays. Sustainability has become a fundamental part of their philosophy in the day to day and consequently, also during their getaways.

But what makes a normal tourist a sustainable tourist? Being aware that our presence has an impact on the environment, positive or negative, is the first step towards becoming a sustainable tourist. But it is not the only one! Choosing to travel with sustainability means caring about nature and the environment, helping local consumption or worrying about recycling the waste they generate.

At Dolce Sitges we want to guide our guests on how to become sustainable travellers. For them, we have compiled a series of tips in green and local key that, as far as possible, they will be able to apply during their holidays or getaways. Take note!

Consume local.

Eating in restaurants in the area instead of in chains or having a snack on the terrace of a small bar is a sustainable action very easy to include in our day to day during the holidays. In doing so, we create jobs and help the local economy very positively.

The same local consumption mentality can be acquired when we buy souvenirs for the family. Giving local products such as handicrafts or traditional food is as sustainable as it is delicious. As far as services are concerned, try to choose first the local businesses to guide you on your excursions or to accompany you on cultural visits. They are an excellent alternative for sustainable consumption.


Discover the culture of the area.

When you visit a region, visit also its museums, exhibitions and, in short, the cultural leisure offers it offers you. We guarantee it will be an enriching experience. You’ll also help maintain local heritage and infrastructure – make local culture your leisure agenda!

cultura local


Use resources sparingly.

Not wasting resources or energy is a small gesture that all of us who stay in a hotel can easily carry out. It’s a simple fan like turning off the bathroom faucet when you’re not using it, turning off the lights when you go out or turning off the air conditioning when you’ve got the right temperature in your room. The planet will thank you!


Move sustainably.

Whenever you have a local, collective or sustainable transport alternative, choose one to get around. Avoid using a private vehicle to move around during the holidays and these will be a little more sustainable.

And if you like to walk, come and walk every inch of Sitges. You will discover surprising corners that are often escaped by motorised travellers – more than recommended!

Muévete de forma sostenible


Take care of the natural environments.

Being able to visit green areas such as the Garraf Natural Park is a privilege. However, we must take care of it together. Try to visit these spaces in small groups so as not to disturb the animals and always respect the biodiversity and beauty of the place. Tourists are your greatest admirers and, being sustainable, also your greatest protectors.


Reduce your impact.

Consuming products during holidays is inevitable, and it’s not a bad thing. However, as a sustainable tourist you must generate as little waste as possible and ensure that it can be recycled. Try to make the containers, packaging and materials you consume biodegradable, made of paper or cardboard. And always take them to a green spot!

Reducir impacto