How Dolce Sitges has become a Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury.

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Dolce Sitges Piscina

What are the guests of a 21st century hotel looking for? With this question in mind, Dolce Sitges’ team of interior designers began an ambitious project: transforming the hotel. After 15 years of being a benchmark for high-level holiday tourism and business in Spain, Dolce Sitges needed to evolve.

And the inspiration didn’t take long! We only had to look around us: the Mediterranean Sea and the Garraf Natural Park. As you may know, Dolce Sitges is a luxury resort located on top of a hill, with breathtaking sea views and surrounded by nature. It’s literally a Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury... And that’s the new concept we wanted to convey to our customers.


Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury: interior design

Interior design is possibly one of the biggest pillars of a hotel. But what would the inside of our Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury look like?
We began by analysing the colours, textures and furniture potential of the new Dolce Sitges. These should be inspired by the beautiful beaches of Sitges and its surroundings and also transmit the serene and sophisticated atmosphere of this beautiful region.

A meticulous study of colour led us to the new palette of tones, which we then transferred to each space. After this change, Mediterranean shades predominate now in Dolce Sitges, such as the blue from the sea and the green from Garraf Natural Park, although they are always combined with a neutral base that balances them.

An example of this study of colour is the Mediterrani roomswhose new decoration is a tribute to the sea. In them we have combined wood details with colours of Mediterranean essence and a minimalist aesthetic. On the other hand, in areas of the hotel such as the Malvasía Bar, you can enjoy an explosion of Mediterranean colours. To achieve this sophisticated look, we have carefully chosen furniture that invites our guests to enjoy the space – truly inspiring elements!


Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury: experience

Staying at the new Dolce Sitges had to be an unforgettable experience. Our goal, at all times, was to create a space where guests would be able to disconnect from the world, as if they were in their particular oasis. And so we did.

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The rooms, completely renovated.

During the metamorphosis of the hotel into an oasis, we updated the look of Dolce Sitges rooms – but that was just the beginning! We have transformed the accommodation experience, focusing on aspects such as comfort and technology. Currently, all rooms feature a large 55″ Smart TV 4k with international channels, HDMI connections, USB and high-speed Wi-Fi. In five of them you can even enjoy a relaxing bath with sea views in a spectacular jacuzzi whirlpool .


Outdoors, an oasis to disconnect.

The four solar-heated outdoor swimming pools are possibly the most praised improvement to the new hotel. Thanks to Sitges’ more than 300 sunny days a year, our guests can now swim and enjoy the outdoors most of the year. In addition to the new air conditioning system, another significant improvement in the pool area has been the installation of a new cumaru wood floor throughout the space.

During this transformation we have given character to the landscaped areas of the hotel. Now the Verema Gardens, 1,348 .2, have an elegant wooden terrace that merges with the environment with breathtaking views of the bay of Sitges.


The services, more elegant than ever.

Our temple of rest, Dolce Vital Spa,also reopens its doors converted into an evocative and stimulating space.Its new atmosphere in white tones now conveys a revitalizing calm.

We have also renovated all the machines in our gym with the latest Technogym technology: state-of-the-art equipment and high-performance systems.

The gastronomic experience in Dolce Sitges has always been a tribute to local and seasonal products, we guarantee freshness and maximum quality in our menu. So, to create our Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury, we had to elevate the spaces to match the high level of our cateringTo this end, we converted our restaurants into dynamic spaces that would allow diners to merge with the environment through the palate. Spaces designed with materials of pure Mediterranean essence!

The new proposal of Verema Restaurant, for instance, is a Showcooking space for breakfasts with breathtaking views of the bay. What better way to start the day?


This 2020, Dolce Sitges reopens its doors converted into a Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury. A new hotel, more stimulating, in which every corner and every detail will be an experience to enjoy and share. Do you want to be the first one to live it?