History on wheels: meet the Rally Barcelona-Sitges.

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Rally Sitges

The International Vintage Car Rally Barcelona-Sitges is a yearly motoring event that takes place between Barcelona and Sitges. It is one of the oldest in Europe of its kind! This meeting for car lovers gathers collectors and admirers from all around the country during a whole weekend packed with activities. It is something not to be missed!


Did you know that more than 80 vehicles produced before 1928 come together during the Rally Barcelona #Sitges? Click To Tweet


This exhibition race is held every March since 1959 and features two categories: period vehicles produced before 1921 and vintage cars produced before 1928. But the Rally Barcelona-Sitges is much more than a vehicle exhibit! This event also includes motorbikes built up to 1938 and a competition of attire of the time, for the drivers to match their vehicles.


Did you know that from the first edition all contestants have to primp with period dresses? This is because in 1958 the rally fell on the same date than the Winter Festivities of Sitges, so it coincided with the famous Sitges Carnival.

A unique journey with great views.

The Rally Barcelona-Sitges’ starting line is located in the heart of Barcelona: the presidential Sant Jaume square. This is one of the most central squares in Barcelona, it was the core of ancient Barcino, and it is where we can find the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya and the City hall. So we could state that the Rally Barcelona-Sitges starts at the most important plaza in Barcelona.

After that, the motorcade of period cars crosses the city streets, Sitges-bound, passing through Sant Boi de Llobregat, Viladecans, Gavà and Castelldefels. Just before reaching Sitges, the cars go down the sheer Garraf coast and its wonderful views to the Merditerranean Sea.

The last stop on the route is the iconic Sitges seafront. Vehicles are welcomed there by admirers and bystanders, accompanied by a music band.

Even though the Rally Barcelona-Sitges takes place on a Sunday, family activities are held days before and after the journey in both towns.

Main activities during the rally. Which one will you attend to?

If you are a vintage cars enthusiast, you must know that the Rally Barcelona-Sitges is not a one-day itinerary. Follow-up activities are held in both Barcelona and Sitges during several weeks. As follows, some of the most prominent events. Note that you can check the full calendar of activities at visitsitges.es

  • Exhibition at L’Illa Diagonal shopping mall in Barcelona.

Every year, this shopping mall displays some of the period cars in one of its halls. You will have the chance to see these gems from very up close!

  • Vintage car drivers gathering in Barcelona.

Organised by the Barcelona City Hall, those registered in the rally get together in period costumes at Sant Jaume square to have some hot cocoa. Isn’t it a delicious plan to attend?

  • Car parade on Sitges streets.

After the famous tour from Barcelona to Sitges on Sunday, the cars go down the most important avenues and squares of Sitges, ending up at La Fragata. If you want to see the cars live, you can wait for them on the streets.

  • Style contest and exhibition in Sitges.

After the vehicles parade, these are parked on display in the Rivera promenade in Sitges during the whole Sunday afternoon. This is another good chance to watch them without fuss.

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