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Alimentos Saludables

Summer is tempting. With the good weather comes the excesses, dining out and often we stop carring about eating a well-balanced diet… To eat healthily in summer is complicated of course but if you follow our advice and choose the right foods, you will be able to eat healthy and delicious dishes. Healthy eating is also possible in summer!



Tomate Photo by Rezel Apacionado from Unsplash.

Tomatoes are an indispensable ingredient for all who want to take care of their diet especially in summer. Did you know that 100 grams of tomatoes provide only 18 calories? This fresh vegetable is mainly composed of water, has a high anti-oxidant power and a high nutritional value. In addition, tomatoes are highly recommended to protect your eyes if you plan to expose yourself to the sun on beaches or in swimming pools, as they have a high content of carotenoids – associated with the prevention of cataracts or macular degeneration – that will protect your eyes from the dreaded UV rays.

The tomato is a versatile food, a basic ingredient in today’s Mediterranean diet that can be cooked in a thousand different ways thanks to the different varieties available in the supermarket. However, if you are one of those who prefer to get away from the kitchen during the holidays, you can visit the Esmarris Restaurant in Dolce Sitges and order one of our delicious seasonal dishes prepared with this tasty ingredient. For example, the “Viceroy” fish with roasted onion, scented tomato, codium seaweed emulsion and “salicornia” herbs. Since you’ re eating out, treat yourself to a delicacy.



Sardinas Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

If you want to be good this summer, fish will be your great ally. Salmon, albacore tuna or light tuna are fish rich in healthy oil, one of the essential macronutrients you should include in your diet. However, sardines also have healthy fats and are rich in Omega 3. In fact, it is the most recommended oily fish by experts due to its high content of Omega 3 acids, a single serving of sardines provides us with 100% of the recommended daily amount. In addition, they are also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Sardines are a tasty delicacy that is often difficult to cook at home. Fortunately for our guests, at Dolce Sitges we have included specialties with this ingredient in two of our restaurants. If you visit the Esmarris Restaurant, we recommend the artisan salad with smoked sardines, lobster and seafood pickles. It’s a real treat! And if you prefer to eat on the terrace, you can visit our Restaurant Terrassa La Punta and ask for a tapa´s selection to share: Marinated sardines with Pedro Ximénez reduction, Parmesan cheese and raspberry.



Alcachofa Photo by Tom Hermans from Unsplash.

Face it, you don’t eat as much artichoke as you’d like. Cooking this delicious vegetable requires too much effort, so it is often banished from the menu despite its beneficial properties. Did you know that artichokes are full of antioxidant, rich in fiber and very diuretic? This vegetable has three of the fundamental characteristics of a slimming ingredient and precisely because of these properties we have included it in our list of healthy foods for the summer.

Of this armour-plated vegetable we only eat the edible meat, which is found in the inner leaves, and we discard the outer leaves. This is too laborious a process for a vacation, of course, unless… What if someone cooked some delicious artichokes for you?

Indulge yourself and order the artichoke Royale with pumpkin and green asparagus sponge cake, seasonal mushrooms and lemon puree in our Restaurant Esmarris. You deserve to eat well!

Alcachofa Restaurant Esmarris



bacalao Photo by Saskia van Manen on Unsplash.

Cod is high in protein and provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids to those who eat it, just like sardines. However, we have not included it in the list because of its beneficial properties but for its origin. Cod live in the waters of the North Atlantic, the only sea in the world free of naturally occurring metallic pollution, so this fish is arguably ‘cleaner’ than others.

The dishes prepared with cod are very typical in Catalan cuisine, and their specialties are highly appreciated by gourmets who visit this region. So, if you finally spend your summer in Sitges, you’ll have the opportunity to taste delicious local recipes, including specialties for the warmer summer seasons.

In Dolce Sitges we have included some recipes with cod, specialties of the chef, in the menus of our restaurants, and we will be pleased to serve them to you. In the Restaurant Terrassa La Punta you can try the cod confit with pickles, spinach and green mustard mayonnaise, a more experimental variety of the traditional cod confit. On the other hand, in the Restaurant Esmarris, we will serve you a refreshing dish of cod cooked at low temperature with calf tripe sauce, celeriac puree and aniseed alioli. Ready for a five-star menu?



Vieira Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash.

Scallops are rich in minerals, including iodine. This makes them a perfect food for our metabolism, as iodine helps regulate energy, better absorb carbohydrates and ultimately metabolize nutrients and burn excess fat. Furthermore, iodine also improves your skin, nails and hair, and that’s not bad if you’re going to take a lot of pictures during your holidays…

This exquisite mollusk is a luxury food to take care of yourself in summer. Its fat content is lower than that of meat or fish – less than 1% – so it’s a smart choice if you’re looking for a healthier diet.

The scallop meat is tender and delicate in taste, highly appreciated in luxury cuisine. A real delicacy that you will be able to taste in the Restaurant Esmarris in Dolce Sitges. Don’t miss our roasted scallops with purple carrots, chives oil and kumquat. You’ll be surprised!

Vieiras Restaurant Esmarris