Create your wedding photo album. 100% handmade!

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Álbum de boda artesanal

Wedding plans? If in the next few months you plan to pass through the altar, you will have begun to look for a good photographer who immortalizes that special day… Because the memories of your link will become, overnight, one of your most precious treasures. So why not create your own handmade photo album and turn that memory into an artistic project?

A wedding album can be tremendously impersonal or so emotional that it makes your relatives cry with each new page. It’s up to you to turn it into one or the other, we’ll just give you a few tips, then you’ll have to give free rein to your creativity!


Which album to choose and how many photos to print.

When buying a photo album, you must bear in mind that there are different qualities of paper and textures. Touching them is the best way to decide, but in addition you have to find out the properties of each one: some imitate the old paper, in others the photographs are better adhered or are designed to write on the pages … Depending on how you imagine your album, you will have clear which should be chosen.

album fotos

Today we rarely print photographs. So, somehow, the ones you choose for your album will go on to posterity. But don’t get nervous! If you have hired a professional photographer he will select the best images and, of these, we recommend you to choose between 80 and 100 snapshots for your album (it is the ideal number to have a complete album but it does not look like an encyclopedia).

Fotos boda


Like any book, you have to tell a story.

In a wedding album you will have to adapt the classic structure of introduction, knot and denouement to a chronology of the most important moments. In the first act of this story, select the images that show how you have dressed and arranged each one wrapped by the family and then how the guests have arrived. In a second act, choose those photographs that convey the emotion and happiness of the ceremony. Of course, including the moment I do. In the third and last act, place the photos of the banquet, the dance and the party. You will have a final with a lot of rhythm!

We recommend that you avoid posing photos if you want the album to be more emotional and natural.

This summer we were telling you how to decorate a travel album, and the theory doesn’t change much with a wedding album – look for details that add up and add them to every page! Some classics like Washi Tape, Scrapbooking papers or stickers never fail. However, if you want to make it more personal, we recommend that you include your vows, an identification card from the bride and groom’s table or a souvenir from the menu, for example.



Extras to consider.

If you want to give your wedding album a different touch, you can include some less conventional elements to your creation. To close the album, the four act, add polaroid photos that have been taken by your guests during the pica-pica (or simply mobile photos taken by themselves). It’ll give it a different and very funny touch. Everyone will want to look for themselves!

These spontaneous style photos are also on social networks. Have you created a hashtag for the event? Write it down with a nice font for people to look for, and include a few as an example.

On the other hand, if you have hired a camera to have a video souvenir of the wedding, why not add it to your album? You can generate a QR Code for free, associate it to a link (Youtube or Vímeo, for example) and paste it at the end of your album. This way, anyone with a smartphone can watch the video.