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For an event planner, turning a normal event into an extraordinary one means doubling one’s ingenuity and finding surprising solutions. Among them, technology. And it’s not easy because it advances by leaps and bounds! What was just a sketch a few years ago has now become a new tool at the service of professional events. 

Achieving the desired wow effect with digital solutions is the order of the day. That’s why at Dolce Sitges we wanted to compile some trends to help you create the best event of the 21st century. Ready to turn your events around?


Interactive presentations.

Whether the attendee of an event, training or presentation interacts with the speakers means that the event is in good health. But, as we all know, it is not an easy task… A good strategy to ensure this interaction during our event is to use interactive solutions during presentations such as Wooclap.

This application will help you to stimulate the audience through the mobile. How does it work? The App makes it easy for participants to answer questions live over the phone and displays the results live on screen, fueling the discussion. In addition, it collects feedback and allows the speaker to measure results.

If, on the other hand, you would like to receive feedback from your audience once the event is over, you can rely on Typeform technology. This tool creates experiential forms that are very attractive and easy to answer. With them, you’ll multiply your chances of success.


Gamification and challenges through technologya.

Another resource you can use to improve the engagement and experience of those attending your event is gamification. Or, to put it another way, turn part of the event into a game with different challenges.

Challenging participants to earn points using different technology tools can increase participation in your event. You can, for example, hand out QR codes that they must unlock to access documents or contests, reward check-ins at key stands or specific routes of the event, or ask them to tweet in real time to win an incentive. In the most ambitious events, they even create a public ranking and a trophy for the winners.

Take advantage of these tools with strategic vision! A closed-door event can make a lot of noise in the digital world and thus expand its external impact.


Visual effects such as fogscreeen and video mappings.

If you’re looking to impress attendees with futuristic technology, both foogscreen screens and video mapping guarantee that wow effect. 

Foogscreen technology is one of the newest trends in recent years, and involves projecting images in the air on a dry steam reminiscent of a dense fog. With this system a hologram is created that the visitor will see floating but will also be able to cross.

Mapping technology consists of projecting images or videos on static objects inside or outside a building such as facades or walls… Although the most creative studios have managed to project their animations on the plates of diners during an event, nothing less.
These projections are often modelled with 3D effects and create an extraordinary visual experience – even interactive! If you want to incorporate this system to your event, bear in mind that light, sound and projection with several cameras are essential elements and the chosen venue must be conditioned for these equipments.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The main difference between Augmented and Virutal Reality (Ar and VR) is that Augmented Reality complements reality with digital objects seen on a screen and Virtual Reality completely immerses the user in a digital world through special glasses. That said, both technologies can be an important technological deployment for your event. Their potential is indisputable!

But… How to use Augmented Reality in a professional event? A practical example would be to sell an image of the future: on the model of an empty lot, to be able to see how a building appears, for example, through our mobile device. The use of AR can be as ambitious as a product launch or as tactical as participants’ business cards.


And how to use Virtual Reality in an event or congress? With this technology we can transport participants anywhere in the world, despite being enclosed within four walls. You could, for example, present a new vehicle from a virtual racing circuit – you only need a few glasses!



Personalized apps and integral communication.

Congresses are a type of event that has become sophisticated over the years and, in part, it has been thanks to technology. Now developing an App to help attendees at an event is a widespread practice, and a tool highly valued by professionals. With this type of App we can help you including agenda and program, information of interest and tourist, internal messaging between speakers, personalized hotel data and flight reservation or even to order breakfast the next morning. Why not?

However, if you aspire to reach the advanced level in technological events, we suggest you combine three pillars of communication: emails, microsite and App. With these three personalized tools before, during and after your event you will get a complete integral communication.


We hope that this compilation will help you surprise your audience in future events, and that you will have Dolce Sitges’ experience in all of them. We offer you our 2,175 m2 of meeting space which, of course, is equipped with the latest technology. You still don’t know them?