New anti-Covid protocols and top health guarantees. This is how Dolce Sitges is re-opening.

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  • New anti-Covid protocols and top health guarantees. This is how Dolce Sitges is re-opening.

After a short hiatus, Dolce Sitges is re-opening its doors with great excitement and maximum health guarantees. These last days of pause have been full of action for us in order to apply all necessary anti-Covid prevention protocols in our hotel.

Every day, we have been monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) statements related to Covid-19, as well as the tips coming from ECOLAB and Bureau Veritas.

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In other words, we have spent these last two months training ourselves and getting the hotel and our facilities ready for our comeback. Because we miss you. And because knowledge is the best strategy for protecting people.

Your Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury is safer than ever. Some of our hygiene guidelines and new protocols you will find at Dolce Sitges are as follows:


Increased cleaning frequency and new protocols. 

Maximising our cleaning and hygiene measures is our top priority during this new normal period. Our cleaning teams will continuously sanitise all common areas, private use spaces and all furniture at the hotel as a main contingency plan. Of course, we will put extra effort on regularly touched surfaces such as our reception desk, the lifts, public restrooms and room keys.

You will find sanitising hydroalcoholic gel throughout the hotel. You can use it to wash your hands while in our common rooms, transiting areas and other places of everyday use.

 We have also equipped our staff with efficient chemical products against the virus apart from masks, gloves and additional material they could need, so they can develop their sanitising tasks.


Room desinfection. Everything Covid-free! 

You cannot be too careful these days, so we adopted new anti-Covid protocols to our usual cleaning routine. Now we fully sanitise our rooms after a guest checks out and we do it again before the next one checks in. This way we can offer you the maximum level of guarantees and ensure you only focus on enjoying our hotel.


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Restaurants and food, at your service. 

During the new normal, you can enjoy our delicious Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurants and its wide spaces and gardens. And if you want to minimise your contact with other guests, our 24/7 room service will bring to your room whatever you wish for.

Our offer of beverages and food has also adapted to the new health and safety protocols. This translates to guaranteeing a safe food and providers traceability, ensuring our teams follow all guidelines set by health authorities and minimising handling on our customers’ food. We have adapted some services such as our free buffet to new standards, making it a safe assisted buffet with individual plating, dish covers and the removal of utensils of shared usage, like salt-cellars and oil bottles.


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Temporary measures to reduce contact. 

In accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, we limited our maximum capacity in the common areas of our hotel. This way we ensure social distancing between guests and minimise potential high-risk contact. Another measure aimed to reduce contact is endorsing payment by card or e-payment and sanitising all payment terminals after every use.

We are providing our common areas with new signage so as to remind our customers to keep the distance.


Employees and training areas sanitising. 

Protecting people also means protecting our employees. With this goal in our minds, we increased the cleaning frequency in our “back yard”. We apply the exact same thorough protocol behind the scenes than in the guests’ common areas and high-risk surfaces.

Our employees will keep the mandatory safety distance between them whenever possible. And of course, we have also distributed masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel among the whole staff.


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As you may have already checked, our Mediterranean Oasis of Luxury is ready to welcome you. We even arranged a special reopening offer for you! Book your holidays at Dolce Sitges today from our website and save up to 25% of our usual rate. Treat yourself to the deconfinement you deserve.