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Festival de Sitges

October has the red carpet ready for Sitges’ most awaited event: the Fantastic Film Festival. Written and digital press will write articles about the essential previews, the appointments that every novice spectator must attend and the luxury guests of this edition… 

However, this year in Dolce Sitges we wanted to do something different: write a love letter to the festival. In this article we are going to remember 7 reasons why we love the most fantastic Festival of Sitges.
Join us on this journey and discover why this event has become a must-attend event for film lovers – fall in love with the festival!


For being a pioneer in history.

Did you know that the Sitges Festival was the first fantastic film festival in Spain? And in the world? That’s right! Its first edition was held in the last century, in 1968. That’s old age!

To be a pioneer is, without a doubt, a reason to love the festival. However, its history is replete with curious anecdotes that make it special. If you want to know more than just the trailer, we recommend you read our article How much do you know about the Sitges Film Festival?

festival pionero


For their posters. A tribute to the classics!

In each edition, the festival’s posters are inspired by great titles of the seventh art: fantasy classics, horror or science fiction. Their artistic direction and quality improves every year, and many of us are eagerly awaiting the official presentation of the new poster. This marks, without a doubt, the beginning for each edition and one of the 7 reasons to love the Sitges Film Festival.

Would you like to see them together? We invite you to visit the official website and discover the creativities of previous years. We guarantee it’ll be worth it.

For being a popular event.

The public is the center of the Sitges Festival, which can attend a more than reasonable price to all screenings and choose their favorite films. In this competition, the public also awards prizes in three important sections: Official Section from Fantastic to Competition, Fantastic Panorama and Sitges Documenta. Another aspect that makes this festival enormously popular is the number of attendees. More than 200,000 people in 2016 and rising in each edition!

On the other hand, the involvement of volunteers is extraordinary in this festival. Every year, hundreds of people ask for help with assistance, management, communication… A real phenomenon!

festival publico


For putting the spotlight on Asian cinema.

Attending the festival is an opportunity to get closer to the Asian cinema of terror and fantasy, a genre that we hardly see on the big screen or on payment platforms. Every year, Sitges screens films by well-known directors, but also allows oriental film lovers to discover new artists.

festival asíatico


For their events beyond the screen.

In addition to films and short films, the festival organizes really interesting parallel activities. Another good reason to love the Sitges Festival!

Among its alternative events are presentations with filmmakers, actors and special effects professionals, thematic exhibitions, gastronomic activities or the best known ZombieWalk. For children, Fantastic Kits workshops are organized to familiarize them with the language and cinematographic process.


For the great beauty of Sitges.

Attending the festival means touring Sitges… And this town is anything but terrifying! So, if you are thinking of buying tickets for a film, we recommend that you take advantage of the trip to get to know the historic centre of this town, its streets and unique buildings, or even visit one of its museums. We guarantee that it will be worth it, as many of them are magnificent modernist palaces.

Without forgetting the Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla! This 17th century parish church is a true icon of Sitges. Its asymmetrical silhouette presides over a hill overlooking the beach, which is magnificent and mysterious in equal parts.

And if you are looking for a comfortable hotel to rest in after your tourist route, we invite you to discover our special offers. Some are scary!


For being a festival overlooking the sea.

The postcard landscape, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is an important attraction of the festival. Audiences and filmmakers fall in love with its landscapes year after year! They say that in every event the environment adds up, and being close to the beach also means being able to sail, having the leisure options of the marina or enjoying the seafood gastronomy. No doubt, another good reason to fall in love with the Sitges Festival.

sitges vistas mar



It is possible that, after reading this article, you have decided to get to know this great festival for yourself. If so, we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: at Dolce Sitges we’re going to raffle 10 double tickets for the Sitges Festival. And they can be yours! Stay tuned to our social networks, Facebook and Instagram, on September 25th. See you on the big screen!