6 tips for a healthier lifestyle.

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Do you want to acquire healthy habits? Living a healthier lifestyle is not as complicated as you think. Mainly because it is not a big project, but small steps that you can take little by little until each change becomes a routine. Only then will you transform your “acceptable” lifestyle into a healthy one.

Put an end to bad habits! From Dolce Sitges we want to help you improve with 6 tips about mind, nutrition and training: the three fundamental pillars to lead a healthier life.

The mind is key to balancing expectations, as you will see below, and you must be realistic with your goals to overcome the frustration that comes with change. Nutrition and training, on the other hand, are fundamental to lead a healthier life as they bring energy, health and balance to our body … But let’s start at the beginning. What should you keep in mind before you begin your journey to a healthier life?


Haste is a bad counsellor.

Miracles don’t exist. If you want to change your lifestyle from sedentary to healthy, you must make a long-term commitment. After all, it’s about creating habits little by little until they become your daily routine. Don’t push yourself with impossible goals!

Perseverance and daily work, both in your training and in your nutrition, will help you gain willpower.



Create routines in the everyday.

Every day you are faced with small choices that could bring you closer to a healthier life: going up the elevator or the stairs, having breakfast with sugar or saccharine, shopping online or going down to the market… Everything adds up, and by changing everyday things you will manage to mark a before and an after in something very important: your habits. What are you waiting for to try it?


You’re what you eat. Watch your food! 

Healthy eating is not at odds with enjoying food, far from it. However, in order to achieve this, you must stop feeding yourself anything (especially fast food or pre-cooked foods). It’s time to educate your palate.

Start planning your meals ahead of time, it’s the easiest way to avoid temptations or skip a meal. Think about what you want to eat, buy it with your head and cook it. It’s that easy!

Another little trick is to consciously eat every meal. Never eat in front of the computer or the TV. Eating consciously means focusing your attention on eating quietly, enjoying every bite.

In Dolce Sitges we know that you must learn to take care of your diet at home, however, we will help you to eat a healthy diet during your holidays or escapes. Don’t let your guard down! In our Restaurant Verema or in the Restaurant Esmarris we will prepare Mediterranean specialities, market cuisine and you will be able to choose healthy or vegetarian dishes from our menu all year round.


Restaurant Esmarris

Terraza Esmarris


Train in a professional environment and without distractions.  

Exercising in a specialized environment, a gym, will help you concentrate. Especially at first. How many excuses do we find at home for not cleaning or ordering when we have to? It’s the same with domestic exercise…

Being away from home should also not be an impediment to training. When you travel, look for a hotel with a gym so you don’t break your routine. And make sure your fitness room is well-equipped! At Dolce Sitges we have completely renovated our equipment with state-of-the-art Technogym  machinery. All our guests can access the gym 24 hours a day and train in the cardiovascular zone, the strength zone or the free weight zone – even enjoy a personal trainer on request!

And remember, if you become a member of our gym you will be able to use it even when you are not staying at Dolce Sitges. Join the training!


Measure your progress.

Seeing positive progress in your new routines is a very effective way to motivate yourself. Evolve and improve is just as important as reaching a goal! Evaluate how you feel, if your weight has improved, if you have gained endurance since you started your new habits… You can download hundreds of mobile applications that will help you record concrete data, see it on the screens of your fitness machine in the gym or, if you are more analogical, use a pencil and a piece of paper to record your progress. Knowledge is motivation!


First of all, have fun.

There’s no point in creating a healthy habit if you do it with disgust. The key not to discourage or abandon your transition to a healthier life is to have a good time along the way. Choose foods you like, healthy but tasty, and continue to enjoy the pleasure of food. Learn to also enjoy sport by doing exercises that you feel comfortable with. Try every machine, class or sport you can think of until you find your own style of training.

Be proud of your progress, no matter how small, and exercise your smile. Those muscles must be trained every day of the year!

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