5+1 New Year’s nonsense.

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Despropósitos de año nuevo.

With the beginning of the year, both good intentions and new goals return, often difficult to achieve, which can transform your January slope into a real martyrdom. Have you thought about breaking the list of purposes and creating a new tradition. 

At Dolce Sitges we want to help you start the year as well as possible, and that’s why we suggest a more fun and mad alternative to the classic New Year’s resolutions: New Year’s nonsense.


Go back to school.
Explore your creative side.

They say that a very ambitious goal is often difficult to achieve. That’s why, instead of starting the year by completing your training with some specialized and technical study, we suggest something less complicated: exploring your creative side. Make yourself a more fun New Year’s nonsense and learn how to make cakes, for example. Or sign up for dance classes. Or perfect your craft and do-it-yourself talents – take advantage of the energy your holidays have given you!


Eat better and healthier.
Go more of restaurants, but choose healthy.

Healthy eating is not at odds with eating out, quite the opposite. In both menus and menus in restaurants you will find delicious proposals rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids … After all, the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world.

Enjoying this delicious New Year’s nonsense is also possible in Dolce Sitges. In the Restaurant Esmarris you will find vegetarian specialities and healthy sea fish and, in the Restaurant Terrassa La Punta, truly irresistible and balanced proposals of Mediterranean cuisine.


Spend more time with your family.
Live new family experiences.

If one of your purposes this year is to spend more time with your family, turn it into a crazier nonsense – organize weekend outings instead of locking yourself in the house! Together, you can discover the region’s villages and its gastronomy, go on excursions in the open air and even go out for sports. In addition to earning quality of life, you’ll get incredible family photos.


Get more exercise.
Make good marathon of tV series.

If you want to participate in a sports marathon this year, you’d better start training. On the other hand, if your goal is to see good series, you can start the marathon this week. Yes, first you will have the difficult task of choosing!
The greatest audiovisual entertainment offer in history is at your fingertips: cult or popcorn series, award-winning series, national and international series, mini-series or ten-season productions… The offer is overwhelming, indisputable, but you can also see them as if they were in the cinema on the 55” 4K HD Smart TVs in the Dolce Sitges rooms.


Learn a new language.
Practicing another language, traveling.

There are those who, after years of sitting at the desk of the academy, have not yet spoken this new language to native speakers. Less theory and more practice! One of the best nonsense you can make this new year is to discover a language and culture for yourself, live.

Travelling is always a good idea, but if in addition to relaxing you can live an adventure, better than better.


Be more productive.
Join the Slow Movement.

Instead of starting the year in the race, you can look for balance and slow down many situations of your daily life. The Slow Movement, first cousin of the famous Slow Food, claims our right to enjoy the present, learning to stop when necessary so as not to be buried by obligations. They say that if you embrace this philosophy, you’ll be able to cope better with stressful situations and really relax when they’re over.

From Dolce Sitges, we encourage you to pamper yourself with moments of disconnection and relaxation like the ones we offer in Dolce Vital Spa. Just you, the water area and a wide range of massages. What more could you ask for?