3 spa treatments for this summer. For her and for him!

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Hot summer days can have negative effects on our skin, overload our muscle tissues or “intoxicate” the body. The best way to counteract these effects and, by the way, take good care of yourself is to choose spa treatments or rituals designed for each season of the year.

In Dolce Vital Spa  we renew the seasonal treatments to adapt our massage menu to the characteristics of each season: in winter massages that activate circulation and warm up the muscles punished by the cold, in autumn and spring exfoliating treatments to illuminate the skin and in summer formulas to refresh, detoxify and oxygenate.

Which of our formulas do you need this summer?


Refreshing rituals.

Refreshing skin and tissues is very necessary in summer. This type of treatment is perfect for all those who, because of the heat or long walks, feel heavy in the legs. This is a refreshing and repairing type of massage applied with a cold effect gel that oxygenates the tissues and relieves localized tensions.

Would you like to try this kind of massage? We recommend the Elemis Refreshing Ritual from our Dolce Vital Spa which includes a 50 minute body massage of legs, arms and neck and a 25 minute facial booster massage.



Oxygenation rituals.

Revitalising, firming and unifying the tone of skin sensitive to summer heat is the aim of this type of treatment. They are ideal for achieving perfect, illuminated skin, both on the face and the body. A global action. In addition to exquisite results, this relaxing oil massage also helps to forget stress and tension.

Do you want to try this massage? Try the Natura Bisé Oxygen Ritual from our Dolce Vital Spa and you will be surprised by the results. This treatment includes a full body massage with Oxygen Perfecting Oil hydration for 50 minutes and an Oxygen facial massage for 25 minutes.


Photo by Sarah Comeau on Unsplash.


Detoxification rituals.

The aim of this type of treatment is to detoxify the body and the skin. To achieve this, apply a brush to the skin with a detox brush and, after this previous preparation, follow a special massage with detoxifying and firming oils. Obviously, the massage focuses on the areas of special incidence.

Would you like to have a detox massage? Discover the Elemis Summer Detox Ritual from our Dolce Vital Spa, which includes this type of treatment for both body and face: a 50-minute body massage with Cellutox oil and a 25-minute facial booster massage.



Whichever treatment you decide on, remember to choose a trusted center with experienced professionals. And if, in addition, the treatment includes free access to the spa water area, as we offer in Dolce Sitges, better than better.