10 novels that will captivate you this Christmas.

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Christmas is a time of hustle and bustle and family gatherings, but also of free time. Have you thought about what novel to read these holidays? In Dolce Sitges we have gone out to investigate, and we want to recommend you some perfect readings to devour under the mistletoe. And for all tastes!


The trilogy of the white city by Eva Gª Sáenz de Urturi.

If you are one of those who can’t stand the long wait between volume and volume of a saga, now is the time to start this trilogy. In 2018 the author published the third and last part, closing the story, so you can read it in one go almost without blinking. But start with the first one: The silence of the white city.

This fascinating saga accumulates more than 700,000 readers, translations in several languages and, if that were not enough, it is preparing to appear on the big screen.

Tasio Ortiz de Zárate is out on his first leave from prison. The archaeologist was condemned for terrible murders perpetrated in Vitoria two decades ago… but before being released, the crimes are repeated. Unai Lopez de Ayala, an expert in criminal profiling, becomes obsessed with the murders. Who will be next?


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I, Julia by Santiago Posteguillo.

For those of you who enjoy traveling back in time with historical novels, we have an award-winning suggestion. The winner of the acclaimed Planet Award 2018: Yo, Julia.
Posterguillo is a teacher of language and literature, a guarantee of quality and an expert in ancient history -especially in creating plots set in Rome. If you like this genre, surely you know his Trilogy on Trajan with more than a million copies sold.

The year 192 A.D. Julia, mother of Caesars and wife of the emperor, ascends into a world of men who fight for the empire thinking that leadership belongs to them. They think of power, but she thinks of creating a dynasty.


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Detective novel
Red Queen by Juan Gómez-Jurado.

Nothing hooks more than a good crime novel, and if the author is the acclaimed Gómez-Jurado, better and better. Are you looking for a novel to enjoy with complex and tormented characters? We guarantee that the protagonist of Red Queen will captivate you from the first page.


Antonia Scott has a prodigious intelligence and thanks to it she has saved dozens of lives, but she has also lost everything. That’s why she decides to lock herself in her flat and never go out again. A suspended police inspector accused of corruption with nothing to lose, decides to look for her and get her out of her confinement to help clear her name. However, the inspector will soon discover that with Scott nothing is easy.


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Short Stories
The Pier Falls: And Other Stories by Mark Haddon.

It’s been more than a decade since Mark Haddon hooked thousands of readers with his novel ” The Curious Incident of the Dog at midnight”. And he’s finally back!

In this novel you will find stories of different genres -fiction, adventure, science fiction, realism- but always with the common denominator of emotions and human relationships. Haddon returns with his best narrative, which critics have already described as a masterpiece.

Nine powerful stories reflect on the human condition, loneliness or the bonds between people. Imaginative stories that begin with the sinking of a pier in a tourist village and, with this starting point, other small stories are developed: travellers in search of adventure, an abandoned princess or two children with a gun.


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Puckoon by Spike Milligan.

If you’re looking for a novel to amuse you, we recommend this classic British humor. Wonderful, crazy and very funny! His comic characters are absolutely insane trying to deal with somewhat surrealistic border problems in 1924 Ireland.


The Border Commission must draw the line between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, but they are in a hurry… The pubs are about to close, so they decide to draw a random line and go for drinks.
The new border division will now pass through Puckoon. This small village will see how the dividing line crosses its breweries, the cemetery, the village streets and even private houses.


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“Morder la manzana” (bite the apple) by Leticia Dolera.

The #MeToo movement has stirred consciousness around the world, giving rise to the fourth feminist wave. With this book the author vindicates the movement through inspiring anecdotes -good, bad and worse- that she has lived closely or in the first person under the motto: the revolution will be feminist or it won’t be.

Leticia Dolera is an actress, writer, scriptwriter and director. She is a native of Barcelona and in 2015 her first film, “Requisitos para ser una persona normal” (Requirements to be a normal person), won the Malaga Festival.

This book tells the stories of brave women whose example will awaken our consciousness, starting with Eva. She was the first to bite the apple, a sin that made her wise…


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Terror / Short Stories
Strange Weather by Joe Hill.

This volume compiles horror stories, some also with touches of fantasy or supernatural, that although each story is independent of the others, they have a strange climatic phenomena in common. Strange Weather also presents impressive illustrations by different authors in each story.

Joe Hill has earned himself an undeniable place in the sector. But it’s always good to remember that he also carries terror in his genes because he’s the son of the acclaimed Stephen King.

This novel exposes the darkness hidden behind everyday life through four short stories: Instantaneous, In the Air, Rain and Charged. The first story, Instantaneous, tells the story of a teenager threatened by the owner of a Polaroid camera capable of erasing memories.


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Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin.

This new book by the author of A Song of Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones – tells the story of the Targaryen house. Perfect for fans of his novels, or the HBO series, who want to know a little more about the dragon dynasty or the Curse of Valyria.

Centuries before the events narrated in A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin explains the origin of the Targaryen dynasty and how they settled in Dragonstone. It begins with Aegon, creator of the Iron Throne and continues with the next generations in defending the throne and how they will face each other in a civil war.


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Science Fiction
Artemis by Andy Weir.

This novel is perfect for science fiction lovers, but also for genre sceptics. The author’s prose is realistic and technical, so his stories seem true. You won’t find aliens or ships of an unknown dimension in his novels, promised.

After the success of The Martian, Weir returns with a story set on the moon with a lot of rhythm and good doses of action, and winner of the popular Goodreads Choice Award 2017!

Jazz, a driver known to get into trouble, resides in the first and only city on the Moon: Artemisa. Jazz takes advantage of his deliveries to do a bit of harmless smuggling until they offer her a somewhat criminal business but extremely lucrative. Of course, she accepts.


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In search of Mary Shelley by Fiona Sampson.

This biographical reading takes us into the true story of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. For this, Sampson has been documented with writings, tastings, diaries and records of the time in what is a fascinating journey through the life of the author.

Mary Shelley was raised by writer William Godwin, her father, in a house frequented by artists, poets and thinkers of the time. At the age of sixteen he escaped from England to Europe with the romantic poet Percy Bysse Shelley… But who was the woman who led that life?

Mary Shelley