curiosidades sitges

12 curiosities you didn’t know about Sitges.

In Dolce Sitges we have gone out to investigate, and we bring you the definitive list of curiosities about Sitges and its surroundings. Read on to rediscover one of the most incredible locations in...

cultura de la felicidad

What is the culture of happiness at work.

The culture of happiness and well-being in a company is the sum of initiatives aimed at creating an atmosphere of optimism and collaboration among the staff. It is no secret that the happier and...

Auto masaje

Self massage: relaxation techniques do it yourself.

Relaxing without going to a professional masseur is also possible. There are simple tricks that you can apply at home, or even at work, to relieve some muscular aches or relax areas affected by...

cita romantica

Tips that will make your romantic dinner the perfect evening.

At Dolce Sitges we are romantic, and we want to help you. That’s why we have five proposals that will make your special date great. In other words, we’ll help you refine the details...

team building efectivo

What type of Team Building is most effective for your team?

Team building have become a very good technique to improve communication, reinforce a team or simply smooth things out. However, when you decide to bet on this type of action, you must be clear...

Alimentos Saludables

Healthy foods to be good this summer.

Summer is tempting. With the good weather comes the excesses, dining out and often we stop carring about eating a well-balanced diet…

Sant Jordi

Celebrate in Sitges the day of Sant Jordi.

You will see in the streets on this day people will be walking around with a book in one hand and a rose in the other. But… do you know the origin of this...

cócteles creativos

The most creative cocktails of the moment.

Let’s raise our glasses, and cheers the new cocktails that fill our city with color. Every season exceptional recipes win over our hearts – and our palates – with their ingenious taste, and this...


How do you keep your listeners’ attention during a presentation?

During a business presentation, which often runs between heavy figures and macro data, it is important to capture the attention of the viewer, and more importantly to keep it…. At Dolce Sitges we want...

Vacaciones en Sitges

Why choose Sitges for your holidays.

Sitges meets all these requirements, and many more. Read on, and you’ll discover why this small coastal town has become a dream destination for vacationers from all over the world.