Despropósitos de año nuevo.

5+1 New Year’s nonsense.

Have you thought about breaking the list of purposes and creating a new tradition? We suggest you a more fun and mad alternative to the classic New Year’s resolutions: New Year’s nonsense.


10 novels that will captivate you this Christmas.

Christmas is a time of hustle and bustle and family gatherings, but also of free time. Have you thought about what novel to read these holidays?

Regalos originales

Original gifts for this Christmas.

To give is not easy, but if you look for with affection you can touch perfection… The fact is that the secret of a good gift is not the price nor the brand, but...

museos galerías Sitges

TOP 5: Essential museums and galleries in Sitges.

If you are somebody who feed the spirit with beauty and architectural heritage and like to get to know a region through its art, Sitges has a lot to offer.

Retiro de yoga

Yoga retreat: the trendy getaway.

Do you want to relax body, mind and spirit? A yoga retreat will allow you to achieve that, and much more. We want to guide you with a few small tips to make your...


Meetovation: the new trend in meetings and events.

Those who seek to innovate have turned their gaze to the north. Specifically, towards the Danish art of organizing events, also known as meetovation. How did this trend come about? What does it consist...

casarte en un hotel

10 reasons to get married in a hotel.

There is a natural ally for the bride and groom in search of the perfect wedding: a hotel. Who but a hotel can bring together a professional team of wedding planners, cooks, waiters, musicians...

Festival de Cine de Sitges

How much do you know about the Sitges Film Festival?

With more than 200,000 annual visitors in 2016, it is a consolidated festival. However, its spectators are often unaware of the extensive history of this event…. And you, how much do you know about...

La Mercè

What to do during La Mercè, Barcelona’s biggest festival.

La Mercè are hundreds of parties in one, with danceable activities and edible events. A celebration that transforms the streets of Barcelona to dress them with tradition, but at the same time exhibits modernity...

álbum de viaje

Some ideas to decorate your travel album.

Travel albums have come back strong and, more than just a fad, have become an artistic expression in themselves… Some are really amazing! Look out for this article, we’ll teach you how to decorate...